Remote workers have to face a lot of distractions, from short trips to the coffee store, to picking up the kids from school and the most difficult one to overcome: cat vids. These make work a real struggle, so you want to stay focus on the task at hand as much as possible. Luckily, you have lots of tools to do this as the internet is full of productivity enhancement tools for digital nomads. The more productive you are, the more work you can do and the more money you can get at the end of the week/month, so let’s check the next 9 tools which can get you over the day and help you achieve (almost) all of your goals, regardless where you work from and how many distractions are around. All logos are clickable, you may want to get detailed information.

Brainleaf, the project timer

brainleaf-logoOne of the most difficult tasks of a remote worker, especially a beginner, is finding out how many hours he will be working on a project. This is highly important, as most clients and freelancing websites quote the projects by the amount of time needed to complete it. With Brainleaf you can stop guessing and start clicking: it will tell you how many hours a projects takes and how much should you charge for it. If you are willing to subscribe to them, you gain access to templates which can list time required for each step of a project.

Hootsuite, the social media aggregator

hootsuite-logoA digital nomad is used to finding work and friends online, via social media, but the same social media can become a major disruption when it comes to productivity. The one freelancer who never spend 3 hours reading Listverse articles in the name of “documentation” is asked to step forward. Anyone? Yeah, well Hootsuite will help you manage your social media accounts, up to 35 profiles at a time, making the process of promotion and posting a lot easier and distraction-free. You can also schedule posts and track the number of followers you have, as well as their engagement rate, which is very useful.

30/30, the time management tool

3030-LogoOne of the best and most popular productivity enhancement tools for digital nomads is the 30/30 app, which allows you to plan how much time you focus on a task before switching to another one. The app is easy to use: you set the amount of time you want to work undisturbed on a task and your phone is going to signal you when it’s time to take a break or move on to other tasks of the day. For many remote workers this app is a real life saver, as time management is a real problem when you have to answer mails, plan meetings and meet project deadlines.

Zirtual, the software which pairs you with an assistant

Q4wZVxNAIn every freelancer’s life comes a moment when he needs help with marketing, payrolls and all the other administrative, daunting tasks which can reduce the productivity to the minimum. Then that time comes, Zirtual is there for you, to find you the perfect assistant. With this program you will find someone who can handle the research, get the editing job done and generally, help you focus on the real work, not the secondary stuff.

Carbonite, the backup helper

carbonite-logoA digital nomad need his computer to make a living. But computers often fall down. In such case you need to have a backup, to make sure you don’t lose your important files. The actual process of backing up the computer is pretty frighting and the thought of losing them or part of them is even more frighting for a remote worker. During a traditional backup, which uses a stick to save the files, some of them can be misplaced and eventually lost. Carbonite allows you to save the files in the cloud, automatically. This software will backup the files without any storage limits. The trial is free, but to continue to use Carbonite you need to pay 5$ per month.

Toggl, task management tool

320px-Toggl_(service)_LogoIf you often find yourself wondering all the 24 hours of the day fly, Toggl is the productivity enhancement tool for digital nomads which can answer the question. This app keeps a record of all the activities you do over the day. This time tracking app can be installed on the browser and used to switch between tasks, create reports and log how you use the time. At the end of the week you can analyze the results and work on a way to enhance your productivity.

FocusBooster, the online timer

focusboosterIf you are a fan of the Pomodoro technique you know how hard it is to be able to follow the break-work routine. You can’t carry a timer with you, but you can use FocusBooster, which is an online timer made for remote workers. It helps you implement the Pomodoro technique with minimum hassle, so you can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity.

TextExpander, the email automatizer

text-expanderDigital nomads are familiar with sending lots of emails, most of them similar, so you might feel the need for an app that can automatize this process. That app is TextExpander – it allows you to preset text, images and other repetitive information. The app also helps you correct typos and use multiple signatures for different clients or different projects.

Evernote, the ideas tracker

evernote-logo-design-centerFreelancers often get stroke by brilliant ideas, which get lost in the ocean of to do lists and grocery lists, among other stuff. Unfortunately, a remote worker’s mind is not able to keep all the brilliant ideas, so you need help from a tool to make sure none of those ideas is lost. Give your brain a pause and let Evernote hold all your great ideas, audio clips, videos and all the other content you will need. You can save the content from PC or from phone, sync the content for easy retrieve and work on them later on.