Long distance relationships have a stigma to them: when you tell someone you are in a relationship with a digital nomad the first thing they will do is pity you. People will ask why are you in a long distance relationship and why don’t you just give up and find a person who can be really with you. This is because the main belief is long distance relationships don’t last. Which is not true, it’s just a misconception and now there are studies which prove it!

There are many studies which look at the frequency of long distance relationships, but few study the effects of such a relationship upon the couple. But a new study breaks the old misconceptions which say distance kills romance in the blink of an eye – distance seems to be a positive thing for your relationship! Not only these couples do survive the distance, but they also grow stronger and the partners share a more balanced relationship. And here are the points which prove it, step by step!

Communication is taken to another level

When you are in a relationship with a digital nomad who works overseas you don’t have the luxury of talking face to face daily. This is why communication becomes more important and each word has more value. Compared to regular couples, long distance partners actually communicate! When you meet your partner every day and spend time together, you are prone to speaking, but not communicating. It sounds strange, but we do it way too often in daily life. We talk, but we don’t communicate.

When you are in a long distance relationship, communication is the only thing that can bring you closer to your partner. You are going to use words to create intimacy. And the right words are stronger than anything else, so your relationship is going to become stronger. Because you have to make up for the distance, you will instinctively try harder to share your emotions and love, which is going to result in a stronger relationship between you and your partner.

To understand this better, let’s take two examples: a regular couple – Team A – and a couple in a long distance relationship – Team B. Everyone returns home from work; Team A orders food and watches TV on the couch, while Team B shares their experiences for the day on Skype.

One couple is talking, the other one is simply watching TV. Which one do you think has a stronger relationship? Well, thanks to studies such as the one conducted at Queen’s University, we know Team B has a brighter future.

Share the love, not the problems

One of the huge benefits of being in a relationship with a digital nomad is the fact your relationship is not worn out by daily problems. A regular couple is going to argue about who does the dishes and who buys bread, while a long distance couple is going to focus on important things, such as the other person. What regular couples take as boring, long distance partners take as important: a touch, a kiss, simply being together. This reduces the amount of fighting time and makes the partner more aware of their limited time together. Next time you find yourself in a boring routine within a couple, you might want to distance yourself from your lover to remember what are the important things in your relationship.

When you miss someone you value them more

When you miss your lover, you are going to make sure each time you manage to spend together is memorable. And this is one of the best approaches to having a great sex life! For partners who live far away from each other each encounter is amazing! There are fireworks, bells ringing, trumpets singing and confetti bursting out! When they are together magic things happen!

Unfortunately, regular couples have to deal with boredom, which is a notorious killer of sex life. When you have the same meal over and over again, you simply can’t stop but getting bored of it. So you are going to start looking for another meal.

When you are in a relationship with a digital nomad you don’t have time to get bored. Moreover, you want to flirt all the time to maintain the sexual tension. Regular couples don’t get the chance to do this.

Long distance relationships are based on trust

When you are in a long distance relationship you can’t check your partner’s phone or pockets, looking for signs of betrayal. You simply have to trust the other side. Despite what it seems, this actually helps building trust between the partners! When you can’t check what the other one is doing, you have to trust them for being faithful. In most cases, this is a positive thing, because many couples suffer from lack of trust issues, when one of the partners check their lover’s phone and finds texts which look suspicious and they start a fight over them.

The best part about a long distance relationship: interdependence

Maintaining a relationship with a digital nomad makes you prone to having a great social life. When your partner is miles away from you, the scenario of spending each moment with them can’t be made true, so you will have to find other things to do. Like going out with your friends, taking a hobby and so on – things you would have done if you were single.

Many persons simply cease to exist when they are in a relationship. They forget about “me” and everything becomes “us”. There is nothing outside the partner, their own life is gone. The level of dependency on the partner skyrockets. Of course, this is a toxic relationship, but way too many people find this scenario familiar.

In a long distance relationship, each partner will look for a way to compensate for the lack of their lover and will become stronger and more confident. This leads to interdependence in a relationship. This is the state when two persons rely on each other, without losing their individuality, which is definitely a positive thing, which can strengthen the relationship.

All in one, if you are in a relationship with a digital nomad, rejoice: you have all the chances to grow old together!