Have you ever heard of biohacks? They are the name of all those little things people do to adjust their body functions and tweak them to achieve a certain goal. If you are a coffee addict and you’ve just had your coffee, you’ve biohacked your system with caffeine. Since humanity discovered coffee beans, they have been using them to increase productivity. And coffee is not the only hack you can start using right away to boost your output.

Sleep to increase your productivityTourism icon (10)

Sleep is underrated these days. More and more people are trying to increase their number of work days by cutting down the sleep hours. When you are a digital nomad is even easier to give up on sleep, as your time schedule is already messed up, which makes it easier to stay awake at impossible hours, such as 3AM. But what is the cost of this practice? When you fail to get all your 7-8 hours of sleep per night your cognitive abilities are reduced, your focus power drops significantly and your overall productivity is starting to go down.

To increase your productivity and get back in the saddle, you need to get all those 7, 8 hours of sleep. You can do this by taking magnesium supplements just before going to sleep. The mineral is going to relax your body and help you go to sleep. You can also eat foods high on melatonin, which is a sleep hormone. Bananas, pineapple, oats, rice, barley and tomatoes are some of these foods, so make sure your dinner contains them.

Another simple hack you can try is wearing earbuds and a sleeping mask. Humans were designed to sleep light, so they could wake up in time and react if a sabertooth attacked them; despite the millions of years of evolution, we’re still sleeping light by default, which makes us prone to waking up tired. To solve the problem, put on a sleeping mask and earbuds to block the noise and light. Many digital nomads believe these two items are sort of luxury things, which don’t belong in the backpack, but they can help increase your productivity a lot, so don’t skip them.

Another smart hack you can use to sleep more is closing all devices two hours before going to bed. However, this takes a lot of time and practice to master.

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Do you know how medieval knights started their days? They washed their face with flower infused water, so they could have a great day. Take example from them and create a morning routine which can prepare you for the day. There are multiple ways to start in a fresh note and one of them is having a cold shower. As a digital nomad, you probably have to take cold showers from time to time, due to lack of warm water, but rejoice! They improve your immune system and give your body a boost to start the day as fresh as possible.

Another great habit to increase your productivity is exercising first thing in the morning. You can do a running session or Pilates; even a meditation session counts as exercising and it boosts your alertness, clearing your mind and preparing you for the day. When you exercise, your blood flow is increased and you are breathing deeper, which promotes brain oxygenation and boosts organ function. As your body is awakening, your cognitive functions sharpen and your productivity is increasing. Besides, exercising will keep you healthy and fit, as most gyms around the world charge a lot for short term entrance.

Prioritize your tasksTourism icon (157)

When you have too many things to do, you might turn around and choose to do something else instead, such as playing games or visiting the city center. A large to do list is a huge productivity deterrent, unless you shorten it down by prioritizing the tasks. There is a rule which says 20% of our actions lead to 80% of the results. This is known as the Pareto rule and it can help you organize your day to increase your productivity. To follow the rule, you need to pick the really important tasks on the list and leave the others for later. Focus on the tasks which must be done, leaving the others for another day. You can make the process of prioritizing more efficient by picking up a task which is going to bring you closer to your basic goal. Do this everyday and you will notice how much your life changes.

Food is important for your productivityTourism icon (146)

A major factor in boosting your productivity has to do with food. When you want to be more productive make sure you don’t skip breakfast. Second, aim to eat foods which boost your focus. They are known as noontropics and are smart drugs. Coffee is the most popular noontropic, but nuts, seeds, chocolate and fish are also great supplements. Moreover, they are enhanced by sleep and exercising, so you can follow this trio to achieve the highest state of productivity.

Embrace tech smart hacksTourism icon (1)

You can rely on your technology to boost your focus for the day and keep you productive all the time. There are many devices which can improve your focus and your productivity and the simplest is the Pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro technique introduces you in a work and relax routine which enhances your brain power. After a working session, you get to relax a little before starting another work session.

There are also more advanced devices which improve productivity by using binaural beats. These are designed to trigger a specific response in your brain, from relaxation to focus and so on. Listening to these sound waves can help you manipulate your brain and induce yourself a specific state of mind, depending on the situation.

All these smart hacks are designed to help you enter a state of flow, known as the state where you are able to concentrate deeply on the task at hand and embrace it totally. You will lose the time notice and enjoy what you are doing, which is going to boost your own productivity. This state of flow also helps you ignore all distractions, which is great for ensuring a continuous work session.

To harness this state of flow you can turn off all distractions and try to work in a silent environment. However, this is rarely possible in the life of a digital nomad, so try using apps and devices which create noise sound. Noise sound is great for channeling your focus on the task at hand. However, meditation is the ultimate way to enter a state of flow: practice mindfulness and focus meditation and you will notice how much difference it makes for your productivity.

In the end, you are free to tweak these smart hacks. Each person is different and each one reacts differently on different stimuli, so experiment and learn what’s best for you!
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