We all know the biggest problem of a digital nomad: the inability to find love and stick to it. You meet lots of people while traveling from country to country, but you can’t actually bond with someone for long enough to develop a relationship, because you’re on the road again. As more and more people are turning to nomading, especially millennials, software developers found a solution for the problem: dating apps for digital nomads.

It’s all about traveling and dating

At a regular date you have to focus on what to say and what to do, but when you are traveling this pressure is off. Being in a foreign country allows you to act freely and your date is probably going to happen in a really interesting place, such as the Taj Majal, where you won’t have to focus on what to say: words will come naturally, as both of you open up to each other.

Before you jump on dating apps for digital nomads you can check the results of studies conducted by Topdeck Travel, the top group travel provider among under 30 persons. Topdeck found that 1 in 8 millennial men want to find their love while traveling and 1 in 20 millennial women hope to find their soulmate while traveling. Moreover, they are open to long distance relationships, especially because many turn into regular relationships after some time.

The same study showed that 1 in 11 millennials found their partner while traveling abroad, which shows their #1 priority is traveling, followed by finding love. Does it sounds familiar?

Why dating apps for digital nomads?

Why using dating apps for digital nomads when there is Tinder and AroundMe? The answer is simple: on Tinder and other similar dating apps you will find all sorts of people, but not like-minded digital nomads. This is going to provide extra tension for your relationship before it actually starts.

Special dating apps for travelers allow you to find other travelers who won’t cringe at the thought you are currently on the other side of the planet.

Without more talk, here are the best dating apps for digital nomads.

Meet Me Outside

As the name says, this app invites you and your date to meet outside. This is a great thing, considering the amount of time we spend texting and using our phones. A little outside adventure is just what a new relationship needs. Meet Me Outside connects people based on their active lifestyle interests and passions, then it gives them date suggestions based on those common interests and allows you to send them to your potential date. After you’ve got a date, the phone can be closed and you can enjoy your common favorite activities. Outside!

Miss Travel

On Miss Travel you can find someone who loves to travel as much as you. When you meet someone you can send them a travel proposal, mentioning your current city, the place you would like to travel to, any dates proposals and what type of travel trip you want, from Luxury to Adventure and Romance. Because Miss Travel is one of those dating apps for digital nomads with a prominent practical sense, you can also choose who pays for the trip: you, the other person or you split. This cuts the awkwardness between the two of you.


This app allows you to suggest a date starting with “How about we…” If you can’t find anything to say, you can get inspiration from the app itself or from other people who post date ideas. When someone answers your question, you have a date! The same goes if you answer someone.

Tour Bar

Tour Bar allows you to test the waters before actually going out to a date. You can simply connect with someone who can show you the surroundings and have a nice time together. If you hate traveling alone, this is one of the best dating apps for digital nomads to find a traveling partner. There is no pressure to actually date someone, so you can first see how you get along, without the pressure of a date. If you have a match, you can advance to the actual dating.

You can also use Tour Bar to show people around the city and spend a day with someone new.


Skout doesn’t want to get you out for a date, but to connect you with someone who shares your passions and then let the nature take its course. You may become romantically involved, you may not. You can use this app to find a new friend, a guide for the city you are traveling to and you can even find someone in your own city. Skout’s main goal is connecting people and bring them together. If romance will bloom, it’s a plus!

Travel, Meet, Date

This is not a free app, but it does offer something more than other dating apps for digital nomads. You can find someone to hang out with or date right in your plane! If this is not smart enough, you can post your travel details for other people to see and hope for the best aka see Mr. or Mrs. Right coming down to you and asking for a date. Because it allows you to make your travel route public, the app is only subscription-based and costs 5$ per month or $40 per year.


Ninder is a new project but it’s pretty promising. Currently it is a beta version, but you can try it and leave a feedback for the developers. You can easily swipe photos of other nomads and when you find someone you like, you can chat to them. Ninder connects to Nomad Trips and is able to show the current location of the users. The future of this app sounds really promising, so you can wait and see where it goes if you are not in a hurry.