The life of a digital nomad is filled with sugar and spice and all things nice, plus lots of compromises. But overall, it soothes your craving of wanderlust and opens up your perspective upon life. What about kids? Is the life of a digital nomad reaching an end when kids show up?

If you ask a digital nomad with kids, the answer will be “Definitely NO!”

Moreover, all digital nomads who are turning their kids into mini digital nomads will tell you the same thing: the life on the road has a number of advantages for the little ones. Here are those advantages and why you should try to travel long periods with your child.

Your kids get to see more of you

The first advantage of traveling with your kids and living the life on the road is the fact they get to see more of you. When you are at home, in a 9 to 5 work schedule which extends somewhere to 9 to 9, your kids are going to miss you a lot. When both parents work, things are even worse. Of course, there is kindergarten and school, plus after school, but you are not there. And your child is ultimately growing without you.

Travel lets you show your true self to your child

Among the multiple benefits of being a digital nomad with kids is your kid is able to see your true self. All kids meet a tired parent who is stressed out and struggles to keep up with the crazy, speedy lifestyle imprinted by the ratrace. This is how kids get stressed and suffer; before you know, your poor child is having weight issues, is bullied and depressed.

Digital nomad parents are completely different: they are free to express themselves and free to lie their life of choice, which enables them to be themselves. And this is how the kids see them. Healthy, happy and free!

Drop the IT devices

Most children grow up tapping on electronic devices; couple of hours of play is actually good for them, but sitting for hours on end with the phone or tablet in those little hands is definitely a bad thing to do. Traveling forces the kids to unplug, except when they are in a plane for more than 4 hours and you need to entertain them somehow before they start complaining. Apart from that, kids of digital nomads have a lot to see and do outside. They have a new city to explore all the time, new kids to befriend and new things to lean, which means they are never bored with the real world.

Being outside is natural and will give your kids the feeling life is more than work and sleep. They will feel they can control their life and be healthy – of course, not now, when they are playing with a koala, but in the next 10 years or so.

Traveling is good for health

When you are a digital nomad with kids you have a very active lifestyle, which becomes the norm for the little ones. You don’t have to drag your kid somewhere and ask him or her to play tennis or ride the bike or something else: all these come within your lifestyle.

Most expats suffer from the lack of gym time, but having a baby can make you embrace yoga and turn into a yoga enthusiast. This passion will be passed on to your kids, who can join you in your yoga sessions for fun. In time, as they try to recreate the poses you make, they will improve their health and before they are teens, they have yoga in their blood.

Your kids will have more confidence

When you look at a digital nomad with kids you will notice right away how confident and independent his kids are. This is all due to traveling. When you are out there all the day, talking to strangers and swimming with dolphins, your confidence is increasing. You grow with the principle of trying out new things all the time. This is the opposite of the world kids see via TV news, which present scary events around the world. The extra confidence comes with a risk, of course, but you can teach your kids to be aware of their surroundings and stay safe, without losing their confidence. One of the huge benefits of traveling with your kids is the fact they grow up exploring the world and stretching their wings as far as they can, naturally. Just witnessing this as a parent is overwhelming!

In the end, your kids are going to grow up looking at you and learn what means to be an adult. If they see a tired, sad person who never has enough time to share a game and a laugh with them, they might believe this is normal and they might drop themselves into the same type of life as adults.

But if they see a happy, healthy person who takes up challenges and looks for opportunities around the world, they will take this as being the norm for a normal adulthood. Living on the road teaches kids what’s really important and it’s not cars and houses; at least for many people. If they will crave a corporate lifestyle, they will be able to craft one for themselves. If they will crave the same level of freedom, they will be able to embrace it.

Whatever it is, the life of a digital nomad prepares kids for the real life: what happens when the work hours are gone and the electronic devices are closed. A life on the road prepares kids for success, health and happiness!