As a digital nomad you already know the world map by heart, but it never hurts to have some extra maps on your fingertips. Here is a list of some of the most interesting, unconventional and funny world maps you will ever seen online. Some of them are quite useful in your travel time, such as the currency and the emergency number maps, while others are plain fun! Feel free to add your own map in comments!

  1. World Currency mapmeh_ro3840

  2. World Maps with Mountains in Reliefrelief-maps-of-earth-with-exaggerated-mountain-ranges-3 relief-maps-of-earth-with-exaggerated-mountain-ranges-2 relief-maps-of-earth-with-exaggerated-mountain-ranges-1

  3. World Map of Writing Systemsmap-of-the-writing-systems-of-the-world

  4. World Map of ReligionsReligion_distribution

  5. World Map of Emergency NumbersABC-2

  6. World Map Showing the Access to Sanitationaccess-to-sanitation-around-the-globe

  7. World Map Showing the Power Plug In TypesPlug-Types-of-the-world-WiFi_Socket_1

  8. World Map Showing Where Can You Travel with Your Passporthow-powerful-is-your-passport

  9. World Map Showing How Friendly Locals are to Foreignersarticle-2306868-19381D84000005DC-436_964x471

  10. World Map of Most Popular Sportspopular sports

  11. World Map of Words for Beerbeer names

  12. European Map of Literal Translations of Chinese Names of the Countriesliteral-map-of-europe-by-chinese-name