You’re a grown up who is traveling around the world, but I bet everything I have and double with what you’ve left behind that you have a lot of secrets. To be more specific, a lot of secrets you keep away from your parents. The reason you choose not to tell everything to mom and dad is because most of these things are either dangerous, either hard to do, so basicly, you’re hiding stuff from parents not to make them suffer.

I’ve got news for you: if your parents are reading this now, they’re going to find out everything you’ve been hiding from them.

You’ve been broke. More than once!Tourism icon (158)

There are digital nomads who say they managed to save enough to live abroad pretty comfortable, but the reality is a lot of remote workers struggle with their money. You may have worked really hard before leaving your native country, but the unexpected things in life will take a toll on your budget and here you are, in a remote country, broke! Luckily, this is not the end of the world and if you’re serious about nomading, you’re going to find a solution out of misery. However, you don’t want your mom and dad to know you are working for bed and breakfast in a farm.

You’ve experienced some of the worst jobs in historyTourism icon (156)

Doing someone’s laundry can be named one of the worst jobs? Perhaps. As well as washing the dishes, digging graves, mending roofs or working on a construction site. The bad news: you’ve done most of them by now!

You’ve also quit decent jobs in less decent waysTourism icon (157)

Life is short, the world is big and you are a traveler. This means you can afford to leave your job without a notice if you find yourself cruising to another country in an unexpected burst of spontaneity. Such behavior is not accepted for an adult, due to the incredible dose of immaturity involved, but, on the other hand, being a digital nomad also requires a good dose of immaturity. Are you a responsible person? Of course, but you have your moments.

You’ve been hitchhikingTourism icon (74)

I can’t sugar-coat it: there is a time in a digital nomad’s life when he or she has to hitchhike. This is not something advisable, because there are many people out there with mean intentions and you’re just a traveler. But life sometimes pushes one to the extremes.

You had fallen in love with a complete strangerTourism icon (76)

This happens all the time, but if you’re a digital nomad you’ve probably fell in love and traveled with a stranger for some time. It’s dangerous, it’s fun and it’s exciting, but your parents would have been worried about your new partner. In fact, sometimes, you’re also worried, but then the two of you cross the border and you’re too busy to worry.

You have a lot of debtsTourism icon (18)

Digital nomads still have to file for taxes in their residential country, so you are still paying for your debts and taxes and everything. On a fiscal level, you’re really struggling with all these payments, because you have to pay exchange fees as well. No wonder you’ve told your parents you’re out of debt already.

You would love to visit them, but…Tourism icon (50)

All digital nomads would love to visit their parents more often, but being on the other side of the world makes this expensive. Really expensive, so we just choose to keep traveling and postpone those visits back home. It’s the only way a remote worker can stay (almost) on top of his money problems. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t miss your parents. Apart from missing your parents, you probably feel really guilty for not being with them, especially on holidays and when someone is ill.

The special guilt of a digital nomadTourism icon (108)

Here is the ultimate secret of a digital nomad: if someone would make them choose between visiting their parents and having a traditional, back home meal, they would probably choose the second. Auch!