As Game of Thrones is returning for its 6th season, you can honor the series in a pure digital nomad style: traveling! If you were too busy to watch Game of Thrones until now and you only know the Khaleesi from internet memes, as I do, you have to know the series if being filmed in amazing locations across the world. The hottest series in history to this point, the female… lack of dresses is accompanied by landscapes which ignite the wanderlust in everyone who watches the episodes.

All in one, you can get to know Game of Thrones better by traveling to the locations where it is filmed. It may not sound fit for a digital nomad, but if you are already traveling the world, why not take your time to explore some pop culture iconic locations?

Who knows? Maybe you will be lucky enough to actually meet the crew at work!


Game of Thrones travel tour must start in Scotland, where the entire “Winter is coming” rage started, at Doune Castle, one of the main filming sites. The castle was built in the 13th century and renovated in the 14th century, which made it perfect for shooting the Game of Thrones. The scenes in the pilot were shot at Doune Castle, which is already a movie star, as it was featured in Monty Python and Holy Grail.


Iceland is one of the most impressive locations on earth, so regardless if you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, you should travel in the area at least once. The landscapes are wonderful, which made the filming crew return for multiple times to Iceland. If you rent a car and drive on the ring road around the island, you can visit the filming locations and see what Iceland has to offer. You will see the lava fields, the Vatnajokull glacier and other iconic landmarks of this interesting island.

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The next stop on the Game of Thrones locations tour is Northern Ireland. When you arrive in this area you immediately understand the famous GoT words, but you also understand the producers of the series picked the most astonishing location for their shots.

You can start your tour in Belfast, at the Titanic Museum, then visit the Ward castle, in Downpatrick, Down County. At the castle you can enjoy specific entertainment, such as shooting arrows with the bow. While you are still in Ireland, you have to visit Dark Hedges, Ballentoy Harbour and The Glens of Atrium. And because a digital nomad can’t be kept in one country, after you had enough of Westeros, you can continue your tour with Scotland.


Another destination you can put on your travel list is Spain, where a lot of the upcoming season 6 was shot. The entire Spain is a great destination for a digital nomad, with its large, sunny beaches, but Catalunya is where Game of Thrones was shot. This is because the area is filled with medieval architecture. On top of this, the natural landscapes are amazing.

One special fact about Spain is that it’s not yet an official Game of Thrones destination, which means you are going to be a hipster visitor of Girona, Valencia, Andalusia and Seville. At least, from a GoT point of view.


Morocco is strongly linked with the story of Khaleesi. This is because Morocco was used to shot multiple scenes featuring Daenerys and her dragons. Apart from Game of Thrones, the country has an amazing history and it’s worth spending more than couple of weeks around the area. No digital nomad should miss the ancient city Ait Benhaddou, which was designated by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Essaouira port is a proud example of 18th century architecture, where you can see the blend between the African concepts and the European influences. The fortified port was the gate between Africa and Europe, so you can notice the mix of influences from all the corners of the world, left behind by the merchants.


Malta was the place where many Game of Thrones scenes were shot, but the producers were accused of damaging the island’s ecosystem, so they moved away from it. However, Malta is open for digital nomads, so you can walk under the Mdina Gate and admire the medieval surroundings. Malta has a smaller sister island, which is also delightful, so include it in your tour.


Game of Thrones features digitally adjusted images of Meteora, Greece. The crew was not allowed to film on site because the area is protected. But you can visit the Meteora Monasteries and enjoy the peacefulness of the location. After you climb on top of the cliffs, you have to spend some days admiring the dreamy landscape!


The last entry on your nomading Game of Thrones locations tour is probably going to end in Croatia. The country is great, but Dubrovnik is going to make your imagination run wild, as you walk on the medieval streets. In Croatia you will feel like you’ve stepped in another era, so it’s easy to imagine Daenarys flying with a dragon over your head.

Before you leave, make sure you have a bath in the crystal clear waters and enjoy sunbathing on the pristine beaches.

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