It takes a lot of courage to quit your job and sell all your things to travel the world. And yet, this is what all digital nomads do. Are they sane? Yes and no, depending who you are asking and from what point of view, but they are definitely experiencing the empowering force of traveling as the hop from one country to another, caring all their remaining belongings in a backpack.

Fear is what keeps you backnoun_49516_cc

Look at your life. Really look at your life! Are there any things you wish you could do? I bet there are. And I also bet fear is what makes you postpone them. Most people live their life in fear: fear of losing their best friends, fear of losing their job, fear of responsibilities, fear to have a child and so on. The list is never-ending!

The most common excuse for not becoming a digital nomad is “I have responsibilities back home”, which is nothing than fear. Of course, there are also exceptions, but most people just fear of traveling. They fear of the unknown.

We are raised to choose the easy way, as we go to university, get hired and live an easy life. But this easy, comfortable life is son predictable! Oh, how predictable it is, indeed! As each day passes by, you just go to work, do what you are expected to do and return home to do what you are expected to do. No surprises, just plain routine, which kills all your wild dreams.

Digital nomads share the empowering force of traveling which allows them to get out of their comfortable shell and face the unknown. They choose the hard way of living and they also reap all the benefits of it, which come in huge numbers.

Take a dive and face your fearnoun_30181_cc

Do you know what fears and rules have in common? They are both made to be broken!

If you can’t take a dive and deal with your fears by cutting off from the cozy lifestyle you’ve come to know and love, you will always be driven by fear. If you want to control your fear, there is only one way to do it: take a step back from your current life and start your own adventure.

You won’t experience the empowering force of traveling right from the moment you start gathering the money for the trip and packing; it will take a lot of work and many small adventures to conquer your fear of the unknown.

A tiny spider in the South American jungle, a bold roar in Africa and so on… they will stack and make you a whole different person. In time, you will be able to confront your deepest fears and control your body and your mind in the process.

Let’s take fear of heights: after traveling by plane couple of times, then taking the helicopter to access a beautifully remote island and floating in a hot air balloon above the Savannah you will be able to control your fear.

Why deal with fear if you can go right around it?noun_9402_cc

Still with a deep fear of heights, after you’ve made it to Africa by selling all your stuff and renting your place, if someone asks you to board a plane to see the Big 5 will you be able to refuse?

No, because traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you more confident and courageous. As soon as you’re out of your familiar medium, your wild side is going to show up and you will be able to do things you’ve thought were unimaginable. This is how you can find a reason in everything you’ve done before. If you can’t take the jump, why did you left your home?

Nature has a great way to make you aware of the empowering force of traveling, so each time you will be facing a fear, you will be rewarded with amazing images, sounds and experiences.

To see what I am talking about, think of how many one can lose if he chooses not to dive in the Great Reef Barrier. When you address your fear of water and dive you will be rewarded with tons of beautiful fish and amazing creatures, which will make this dive memorable and addictive. You will feel the need to do it again and again, until the fear will fade out completely.

Identifying your fearnoun_333584_cc

A great way to reduce your travel anxiety is to analyze your fears rationally.

If you fear of the actual traveling, you have no reason. There are millions of other digital nomads who thrive with this lifestyle. Young kids of 18 years old do it, as well as older people, who already have families and kids. If they can do it, you can also do it. You just have to make the first step. The world was already discovered and you are simply walking on other people’s footsteps.

If you are afraid you don’t have what it takes for being a digital nomad, you just have to take a look at people who are already doing this. Do they have something you miss? No, they are just like you, but they have the courage to travel and face their fears. Don’t doubt yourself! When you leave your house and start experiencing the empowering force of traveling you will discover that you have skills you never knew about and an inner power you’ve never used before. The more you travel, the more you will trust your own capabilities.

Don’t hide behind your “responsibilities”noun_42714_cc

We all have responsibilities, such as bills, job, parents and grandparents; digital nomads also have responsibilities, but other kind of responsibilities. Don’t put your responsibilities in front of traveling! You can cancel them at any time if you really want to become a digital nomad. Phone and energy bills can be cut and canceled, houses can be sold or rented, everything can be fixed and prepared for your absence. The reality is the world back home won’t fall apart if you leave.

Jobs and friendsnoun_7170_cc

The only thing you can’t replace and don’t want to replace when you leave home is your family. Everything else can be replaced or, better said, renewed. When you quit your job back home you will find another in your new country or online. If you fear you won’t be able to secure a job when you return home, you have to know smart employers know the value of travel. They know how traveling changes a person and boosts your creativity, confidence and builds skill no school can ever teach you.

If you stumble upon employers who see your travel time as a drawback, you don’t want to work with them anyway, because they’re stuck in the past, in the world of misconceptions.

Then, you have friends. If you fear they will forget you if you leave, they are probably not the friends you wish to have. True friends stay friends even if they don’t talk or see each other for ages, so don’t worry: those who are really your friends will stay with you. Moreover, when you travel you are never alone and you will develop social skills and the ability to make friends anywhere in the world. If you won’t talk to people, someone will come and talk to you.

Everything can be solved – you just have to want to find solutions!

Traveling does help you overcome your fears, but not everyone is cut for long time travel. If you find that you’re not happy living abroad you can always come back home. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed; it means you’ve tried, got the best of the digital nomad adventure and decided it’s not what make you completely happy. When you return you will be a different, better person and you might change the course of your life 360 degrees. Or just resume it from where you left.

What matters is to overcome your fear and go out there, try a different lifestyle and see how the world changes you!