When you are traveling the world and working remotely you will find yourself stuck in your room, without the possibility to work. It may be due to very bad weather or an upset stomach; either way, you will get bored of sitting around, so here are some things you can do between the four walls, anywhere in the world.

Write a real letterview_page

I am not thinking of an email – a real, paper letter! Writing a letter is such an experience these days! Holding the pen and putting words on a real piece of paper, then sending it to someone is going to make you feel a lot better. Moreover, the person who will receive it is going to be very happy.

Blend in with the localsmulti_user_comment

This implies getting out of your room, but it’s worth it. Go to the owner of the place you are staying in and ask for a game board. Most homeowners (or motel staff, if you are in a motel) will be happy to give you the local game and teach you how to play it. They will also play with you, which is going to improve your relationship with the locals. The very game is going to teach you a lot about the local culture, so it’s time wise spent.

If your host doesn’t have any game, a simple deck of cards can do!

Read your favorite blog/srss_feed

There are many blogs out there and so little time to read them all, especially when you are a location independent guy/gal who is always busy. When you happen to find such a wonderful opportunity, use it to get updated with your favorite bloggers.

Read a bookfolder

It can be a book, a brochure, a flier or anything you can actually take in your hand. Just find something to read and stick with it, until you reach the end. If you can find a book in the local language, you’re very lucky, but you will have to know the language in order to read it. If you only know your native language, a travel guide will do: it has a lot of pictures!

Talk with the hostscomment_bubble

If you’re not forced to lie in bed, you can spend your free time talking to your hosts. Local people always have a lot of thing to teach you, so couple of hours of chat can change your perspective upon the place entirely. You can learn where to eat the best food at the lowest prices, where to find entertainment and lots of traveling tips. On the other hand, you can share your own experience with the locals and let them taste the life of a digital nomad.

Learn to use your technologycomputer_monitor

If you are a busy remote worker you’ve probably never got the chance to properly learn how to use your camera. Or your smartphone. In fact, most people have no idea there are thousands of things you can do with your phone!

The same goes with your camera. If you want to take astonishing pictures, take advantage of your idle time in your room and experiment with all those functions you have no idea what purpose have. At the end of the day, you should be able to take professional looking photos.

If you know how to use your camera, there is definitely another device in your backpack you have no idea how to use, so…

Pamper yourself!favorite

Location independent workers lack luxury and pampering time. If you manage to have some free time, look for natural recipes for moisturizers, cleanser and lotions, make them and then enjoy a much-needed SPA time. You can easily make face scrubs, masks and other natural cosmetics from local fruits, so don’t skip this amazing opportunity! Just imagine the smell of a coconut body scrub!

Get into the grooveapplication

Another fun and relaxing activity you can do while you’re trapped in your room is dancing. As a digital nomad you don’t get to spend time at the gym, so dancing is going to be a great workout for you. Apart from losing weight, dancing makes your body release endorphins, happiness hormones, which make you… well, happy!


Sleep is never too much, so binge on it!



Visualize your futurezoom_search

When you are traveling, you get inspiration for more traveling. You are inspired to find new destinations and plan your future. Being alone is the perfect time to set new goals for your next months and establish a schedule for your next weeks. You can also think what you will do when you return home, as far in the future this might be.

Just be yourselfhome_page

Digital nomads are always busy, so you can take advantage of your free time and just do nothing. Simply relax and enjoy the present time. There will be few times when you will be able to do nothing at all, be alone and don’t have to work, so value this time!