Dating is hard business these days, when we don’t have a lovable Emma to be our matchmaker. Online dating is even tougher, but what if you are traveling the world? Ok, this makes dating game look more like Game of Thrones: a ruthless, almost impossible mission. Heads will fall and hearts are going to be eaten away! People will say digital nomads and online dating can’t be mixed. But if you really, really want to meet someone, here are some online dating rules for location independent workers. Aka Dns!

When in Rome…padlock_unlocked

… find the local dating site. If you are going to spend more than couple of days in a city, find the dating websites preferred by locals and register on them. This is going to open your door to more potential dates and you will be able to avoid the location problem. At least, until you move again and your new lover can’t follow you.

Learn the local languagehome_page

The first of the online dating rules for digital nomads is learning the local language. You don’t have to put in too much effort, just start light, by using Google Translate for usual phrases and words, like “hello!”, then register on Duolingo or another online language learning platform and practice daily. According to other nomads, who made a hobby out of learning the local language, it will take 3 months to understand about 90% of the new language. Of course, the rest of 10% can take years, but love will do the rest. For online dating, you can perform really well with your 90% fluency.

Why learn the local language? Because this counts as a sign of commitment and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Skype, Skype, Skypecomment_bubble

All digital nomads skype, but a digital nomad who wants to get a date, needs to skype more. This is how you can break the ice with a potential date and check each other visually in real time. It’s like a real date, but without being an actual date. If you are interested in each other, you can quit the online and take the new relationship in the offline world.

Another popular way to stay in touch with a potential date is WhatsApp, which is universal.


One of the online dating rules is not to mix work with love, but for a digital nomad, this rule is meant to be broken. This is because you already spend a lot of time at cafes, which also happens to be the best spot for a first date. You can use Skype and WhatsApp to contact potential dates and ask them to come over for a chat. This way, you will have a nice break from work and you won’t be very disappointed if your date doesn’t show up.

Explore the surroundingsfavorite

When you are playing the dating game you need to know the surroundings, in order to avoid complications and stay safe. For a man, it’s useful to know the best places to ask your date out; for a woman, knowing the surroundings is important to avoid dangerous situations. Again, turn to the online medium to explore the surroundings. Foursquare and TripAdvisor are great aids when you want to explore a new city. Reading travel blogs is another great way to both meet people and get to know the local area.

Be honestview_page

Online dating can be full of surprises, as people are tempted to avoid certain details about them. In the case of a digital nomad, the problem is not your age or height, but the fact you are never in one place more than couple of months. And most of us fear that saying the truth is going to alienate any potential date, but the reality is hiding the truth is a lot more dangerous for your love life. Lack of honesty is know to kill romance, so be honest about what you do and where you travel. If someone falls for you, they will learn to accept the fact you are a digital nomad. Or maybe, they will become one as well, joining you in your trips. Remember to keep a positive mood on the entire dating concept, regardless how difficult it may be to find a date when you are always changing your location. Not all people want to date a nomad, but some will fall in love with you and won’t be minded by your modern lifestyle.