Digital nomads are the people who know all the drawbacks of long distance relationships, also known as LDRs. The joy of traveling the world with a backpack is easily shadowed by the absence of your loved one. Most digital nomads don’t have the luxury of traveling with their families or their partners, because they left their romantic interests at home. A long distance relationship is hard to keep when there are several countries between you and your partner, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make this work. Ar, at least try to make it work and keep the flame of love burning.

Set your priorities when it comes to communicationTourism icon (53)

Most regular couples fail to communicate effectively, but this is not a problem in most LDRs. Before you leave or at the start of the relationship, set your communication rules straight. Discuss with your non-nomad partner when, how much and how are you going to talk. Some people need to talk daily, others can live with couple of chats per week. When you do chat, turn off all the other distractions. Your other devices, music, TV, radio, social media notifications and email notifications, so you can focus on your partner only. This is already more than a regular couple chat, so you’re off to a good start.

Small things do matterTourism icon (157)

In a LDR small things matter, so do keep your partner updated with your latest achievements or adventures. If you stumbled upon a cafe which sells divine caramel lattes, do let your partner know. All the small things you’ve done and seen over the day are part of your live, so you should share them. From time to time, tell your partner how much you miss her/him, but don’t insist on this: it will only make you feel miserable. By contrast, small talk is going to help you two feel connected and when you will see each other it will be like you were never apart.

Fights always need to be reserved for visual chatsTourism icon (112)

Even when you are in a LDR you will get into a fight with your loved one, but resist the urge to text. The best way to solve arguments is over Skype or phone, where you can see and hear each other. Body language is very important for a couple who is in a fight, so make sure you skip texting, where you can’t see each other’s face.

Surprise, surpriseTourism icon (17)

Talking is great, but when you actually receive something from your partner, it can be even better. So, make a habit of creating romantic packs from time to time. Send your partner something you know will delight him/her or something special, like a shirt with your song’s lyrics on it, custom made for your anniversary. Of course, more meaningful, intimate gifts are also advised, so let your imagination run wild!

Spicy talkTourism icon (146)

A gift package can be a great starter for some digital sexy time – who said you can’t have pleasure online? Use the Skype call for some “special time” together. Just make sure you are both comfortable with the idea.

Spend time togetherTourism icon (118)

This might seem silly, but it’s worth the investment: use Skype and online gaming to play together and have “dates”. These dates can be anything from watching a movie at the same time, with the Skype open, so you can share your impressions or eating your dinner with the chat open. These small things will help you spend time together, even if you are apart.

Visit timeTourism icon (35)

Planning a visit is very important for LDR couples and it’s also an opportunity to spice up the relationship. Excitement is definitely going to make an encounter more passionate, so announce your arrival couple of days before: enough to allow your partner to clean around the house and short enough to build up excitement. When you visit each other, don’t just drop everything for your partner, but gently “incorporate” your lover into your lifestyle. From a digital nomad’s point of view, this means bringing your partner on daily trips, going together to local events and traveling to another country, if possible. If you’ve communicated effectively, your partner will already know your new friends and the places you love, as well as your daily schedule.

Be honest of your expectationsTourism icon (74)

Never hide the truth from your partner when you are in a long distance relationship! If one of you decides his/her next ten years need to be spent nomading, do let your partner know. Sometimes, your plans are not compatible. As unpleasant as this can be, it’s always better to know about it as soon as possible, as this gives you and your partner the opportunity to make smart decisions for your future, shared or not.