There are regular places to visit and extraordinary places to visit. In a digital nomad’s life, you will visit all of them, but sometimes you need some more inspiration when it comes to picking the next destination. The world is filled with great places, some made by man, others made by nature. Even if you spend your entire time traveling, you need a good plan to be able to witness as much as possible of these places.

This is why I’ve compiled the most colorful places you can see around the world.

Candy-colored houses in Italy

Italy is a great country, with its rich culture and mesmerizing fields. This is where La Dolce Vita is real, so you need to take a step back and relax in order to completely emerge in the idyllic lifestyle of Italy. There are many treasures to discover in this country, from the pure beaches with crystal waters to the magnificent historical venues. But out of all, Procida is standing out with its colorful houses.

Procida is the smallest island in the Naples Golf. Compared to its peers, Capri and Ischia, Procia is more relaxed and calm – probably this is why the locals choose to paint their houses in bright colors. Blue, pink, red and yellow homes spread on the island are going to show you just how fun it can be to live in Italy. The amazing colors of the houses of Procia is part of the island’s charm. As a random fact, Procia is the place where movies like The Talented Mr Ripley and Il Postino were shot. The island may be small, but it still has a lot of interesting places: there is a colorful harbor, bars and even a medieval town on Procia!

The colorful Cano Cristales river in Colombia

Columbia is another interesting place to visit, if you are not afraid of danger. With many historical sites and spectacular nature, Columbia is a true gem. But the most colorful place you can find here is Cano Cristales river. Still unspoiled by the masses, this river found in the National Natural Park La Macarena is unique because it really looks like a flowing rainbow. The water seems to be colored in bright red, yellow, green, pink and blue. The colors are actually the result of a plant called Macarenia Clavigera, which turns red in the wet season and the minerals found in the rocks on the bottom of the river. Along with the water stream and the sun rays, these natural features give birth to an astonishing sight. A thirsty digital nomad can walk along the river, admire the waterfalls or swim in the small pools created along the river.

The pink lake Retba of Senegal

If you love biking and racing in the hot dunes you need to visit Senegal, known world wide thanks to Dakar Rally. Only 30km away from Dakar is one of the most colorful lakes in the world: lake Retba. On sunny days is pink and when clouds gather in the sky it turns purple. This amazing colors are the result of the combination between the salty water and a bacteria which is harmless to humans. The lake served as the finishing point of the Dakar Rally for years on end, due to its picturesque setting, among the yellow dunes.

Lake Natron in Tanzania

Africa is full of amazing destinations for a digital nomad, so if you visit the continent, continue your journey from Senegal to Tanzania. After a pink lake, here is a red lake: Natron lake of Tanzania, looks like a red carpet made from small pieces, sewn together by an unknown hand. In reality, the lake’s color is the result of the combo between the high alkalinity and the organisms which thrives in this environment. The lake is covered by a crust of salt, so it’s a truly unique destination.

The Land of the Seven Colors in Chamarel, Mauritius

Mauritius is already an interesting destination, but there is a place which oozes color and joy: the Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel. This is an area of stone dunes which reveal amazing colors, from red and purple to blue and yellow. This place was created by nature, when the lava was eroded into clay minerals which left the amazing colors exposed. Initially, the different shades and colors resulted from the different cooling stages of the lava.

The Morning Glory Pool in Wyoming

Yellowstone Park is know for its geysers, but it’s also known for the amazing colors created by the hot water which makes the surrounding rocks become a true rainbow. One of these spots is the Morning Glory Pool, which is essentially a hot spring. The pigmented bacteria which lives in the hot waters of the spring, along with the minerals in the rocks, created the amazing vivid yellow and green colors of the Pool, which got its name from the resemblance with the flower.