Do you feel you‘re failing as a digital nomad? Stop worrying and start analyzing the situation, so you can identify and beat the causes which lead to your failure! I think I speak on behalf of most digital nomads when I say failure is part of the travel and work game – ditching your 9 to 5 life and starting a completely different lifestyle is bound to come with problems, but this doesn’t mean there are no solutions for them. Embrace your failure and then learn what you did wrong, to be able to do the right thing in the future.

Way too much optimismrss_feed

Being optimistic about your new lifestyle is great, but many remote workers fail because they are over optimistic and forget they have to keep their feet on solid ground. Being too optimistic about your new life and your new work schedule can lead to very unrealistic goals and deadlines, which can lead to your failure as a digital nomad.

To beat this problem, make sure you analyze the consequences of each decision and you use the worst case scenario first, when making a choice. It may sound simple, but in real life it’s easy to go with the flow. You can easily take up an unprofitable project which is going to be a distraction on your way to becoming an independent digital nomad. And this is the least dangerous example, so make sure you are realistic about your outcome.

Tough times beat dreamshome_page

One of the most common causes of digital nomad failure is the difficulty of running your own business while traveling the world. It’s hard to stay optimistic and keep running after your dreams when you are alone in a foreign country and you need instant money. This is what makes digital nomads turn to easy jobs which render instant payment. This is why you become the dishwasher in Taiwan.

The solution to this problem is to know when to quit the compromise jobs and go back on track to follow your dreams. It can be hard, but compromises are not going to bring you anywhere. After all, you were making compromises at home! And this is why you left in the first place.

When times are tough, make a change: you can travel to another country and start it all over again. Find a partner to help you with the expenses and go back on your remote job.

Lack of automationpadlock_unlocked

There are tasks which make the entire work and travel experience more like work and no travel and these are the tasks which can be automated. Managing accounts and payrolls, emailing follow ups and sharing files can be automated. Now, as a beginner nomad, you definitely lack the funds to buy expensive software which can do these for you.

But there are other ways to beat these time consuming tasks and regain your free time: master first level programming. Excel worksheets are capable of doing a lot more than you think right now, so start learning how to program them. And this is not the only free item which can be “trained” to do more: your smartphone can do amazing things as well, so google how to automatize your repetitive tasks and see how can you master these skills for free.

Being proud is going to help youfavorite

Digital nomads need to be proud of their work and lifestyle, otherwise, they are bound to fail. Why? If you can’t share your latest project with your close friends and family, you are not going to attract reliable customers and make a profit. Money come when your name or business name is recognized as a reputable brand. This also happens to be the way to become an influencer, which is a great way to market yourself as a reliable worker and reach a lot of people.

Copy, copy, goneapplication

One of the worst things a digital nomad can do is copying other people and/or businesses. Unfortunately, many remote workers are too afraid to speak up their own ideas and just follow the trends of other DNs or companies, expecting to make an impact. But people, both audience and clients, want to see the real person behind the nickname and want to see the uniqueness of that person. If a client is not happy with who you are, this is it! You won’t be happy with a lot of clients, because this is life. Provide contact information on your projects and advertising campaigns and don’t be afraid to talk to those who email you. Use your own words, your own vision on the things around you, as this is what makes your services different from everyone else’s services.