Digital nomads have a difficult time finding their soulmate and this is all due to that amazing lifestyle they embraced. Traveling alone can be empowering, but sometimes you just want to have someone to lean on to when you sigh at the magnificent view of the Bigar Waterfall or the Great Wall.

Well, this article is for all the digital nomad guys out there who want to meet girls and have meaningful, long lasting relationships with them.

Check the type of people around the townzoom_search

Each country and each city has its own specific areas where certain types of persons gather. Before you decide where to look for your next “home” far away from home, check online the surroundings. To give you an example, in Bali, Indonesia, there are hippies in the area of Ubud and party people in Kuta. Before you pick a location, check what type of people are in each area of the town, so you will have the best chances to meet the right person. And also, make sure your accommodation is not in an almost deserted place: you do want to have people around you.

Networking your way to meet girlsrss_feed

Before you go to another country, ask your social media friends for advice on the best things to do and places to visit. Most digital nomads have other nomads in their network, which can lead to a very interesting debate that can end with a bunch of friends of friends waiting for your arrival. They will be able to introduce you to the locals, the nightlife, the best eating places and so on. Among all these new people and places, you will find nice girls and you will get the chance to know them. If you find that special person, you will be really owing it to your social network.

Online dating is still in the cardscomputer_monitor

As a guy who wants to meet girls, there is no better way to “market” yourself than online. Don’t give up on online dating after you’ve embraced nomading. There are many girls out there who also live the nomad life and a lot more in the countries you will be visiting. However, you need to learn how to use online dating platforms effectively. This means knowing how to fill your profile and show who you are without being aggressive, without avoiding the truth and without exaggerating things.

When it comes to which online dating website to use, there are no strong rules. You can try the platforms dedicated to digital nomads or go for the regulars, such as Ok Cupid and Tinder.

Act smartcomment_bubble

When you want to meet girls offline you need to pay attention to your manners and your body language. Smile and make eye contact when you see a girl who might be that special partner. Body language is very useful for digital nomads who don’t know the language of the country they are traveling to. Before love can break the language barrier, a smile and eye contact can do a lot.

Pick the right working placehome_page

Each time you can, pick your working space depending on the type of people who frequent it. Just like the accommodation, in each cafe you will find different types of regulars. If you are into relaxed, laid back girls, research a cafe where you can find this type of women. If you want your romantic interest to be another digital nomad, you can try your luck in cafes where remote workers gather. And examples can go on forever.

Another thing you can do when you plan to bond with another passionate traveler or nomad, is bring an extra charger or another item which travelers and nomads need. While giving a helping hand you might meet your soulmate.

Off-work datingmulti_user_comment

One of the best ways to meet girls as a digital nomad is conducting and attending social events. When you are not working, go to concerts, cooking classes or other activities, specific to the area you are visiting. These events are great opportunities to meet new people, which can then become part of your network, so you will be able to befriend their friends and expand your network even further. And meeting new people is what can get you closer to that special girl.

Don’t be afraid to connect with new people, as this is part of the beauty of digital nomading. Sometimes it will end in a disappointment, other times it will bring you a new friend. But the most important thing is connecting with new people can bring you face to face with your life partner. If this doesn’t happen right away, keep going! Your soulmate is out there, looking for you as well, so don’t give up dating.