Digital nomads have to adjust to a lot of cultures and suffer the notorious cultural shock from time to time. The moment you realize you’re in a different culture can be the moment you go to the toilet! Yes, each country and region has its own rules and etiquette when it comes to the potty, as strange as it may sound. I wrote about toilets in on older post, but it’s a topic which continues to come out.

I found a nice infographic to illustrate the varied world of loos, but there are couple of things I had to point out.

First, in many countries you need to pay to go to the toilet, which may sound very strange and even awkward for you. Not to mention the awkward moment you will live if you don’t have the change for the toilet!

Second, Asia has some very smart toilets, so make sure you know which button does what, before you actually… you know.

And third, there is a restaurant in Taiwan completely furnished with toilets and urinals.

international-guide-to-bathrooms-645x4995 (1)