Charley Boorman, the veteran biker and adventurer, is the man to ask for travel tips, especially if you are a die hard rider. Boorman traveled around the world, from North to South, in his two famous journeys Long Way, along with his friend Ewan McGregor, but also in his latter journeys, which brought him from Africa to Alaska and from Asia to Australia.

So, what advice is he giving to fellow travelers?

#1 Get a motorcyclenoun_53

Charley is a big fan of motorcycles, but he advises digital nomads to get a motorbike, which is the best transportation. Riding a bike allows you to see the world up close and get in touch with the local culture. Digital nomads can benefit a lot from this travel mode, as they can cover long distances and spare their backs from the weight of a backpack.

#2 You need sunglassesnoun_34735_cc

Another tip by Boorman is to have a good pair of sunglasses. They help protect your eyes from glare, both on the road and off it, preventing headaches.

#3 Don’t overplannoun_150300_cc

Overplanning your journey is a bad idea, as you will never manage to stay on track with your schedule. On the other hand, leaving your nomading life up to chance is also a bad idea. The key is to find the balance between the two extremes and enjoy your adventure, ticking off the really important things you want to do.

#4 Embrace changesnoun_396536_cc

Last minute changes might not be pleasant, but Charley advises travelers to embrace them. Digital nomading is an adventure, so if you have to change your schedule and plans on the last minute, just go with the flow and try to make the best out of the situation.

#5 Don’t try to have too much fun in one daynoun_137222_cc

Trying to stuff too many adventures and things to do in one day is going to backfire on you, so take your time to enjoy your day and the activity you chose to do.

#6 Make sure you get a good night’s sleepnoun_187632_cc

For Charley Boorman, having a good night’s sleep often depends on a good sleeping bag and tent, when he is on a journey. Regardless if you deal with the same gear or not, he advises to make sure you sleep well. When you wake up fresh, you are able to confront the challenges of the next day with a fresh mind and body.

#7 Stock on baby wipesnoun_36887_cc

There is nothing a baby wipe won’t solve, so make sure you have loads of them! They are great to prevent rashes down there…

Speaking of baby wipes, when Charley broke both his arms during the Dakar Rally, his baby wipes helped him a lot, as he was able to wrap them around his remaining good finger. Use your imagination, for the rest of the story!

#8 Be socialnoun_81303_cc

If you’re one of Charley Boorman’s fans, you know he is always telling where he is and asking about the weather in the areas he is going to. This is a great way to stay in touch with people and allow them to share with you the things and places they find interesting.

#9 Be firm about your datesnoun_404_cc

If you really want to leave the country on a specific date, be firm about it. Sticking to plans is hard, especially for a digital nomad, but if you decide you really need to respect a date, write it down in your Expedia app and don’t change it. This will help you stay organized and can help you see more places, on the long run, even if you will have to quit exploring the local area right now.

#10 Stay up to date with technologynoun_43178_cc

Charley Boorman is not the technology geek who is always looking down at a smartphone, but he knows the value of traveling with the latest gadgets and advises other travelers to invest in the latest technology as well. Being connected and staying organized with the latest tablet or smartphone is going to simplify a lot of things during your travel. Don’t be afraid, the latest gadgets are not going to steal your adventure. However, do make sure you sign an insurance for them!

Bonus Tipnoun_68979_cc

Charley has one more tip for all travelers: step outside your comfort zone and free your spirit! The heart of digital nomading and adventure biking is the passion to discover new places and people. Embrace the new culture, dive into the new world and you will gradually see the world is not the mean, dangerous place you thought it was.