The world is now a global place where everyone can feel at home everywhere. You can work from every corner of the world, which opens up the job market and brings a lot of opportunities for both employees and entrepreneurs who are looking for professionals. In a time when the job market is very limited and the unemployment rates are sky rocking, becoming a digital nomad is one of the best decisions you can take, especially if you belong to the Generation Y, the Millennials.

Why NOW is the right moment to become a digital nomad

Right now is the perfect moment to start working remotely, because the boundaries are fading out, but this is not the only reason to go nomad. Here are the most important benefits and reasons why you should take up this new lifestyle.

#1 Decrease your stressnoun_86100_cc

A digital nomad has a lot of freedom when it comes to picking his or her employer, as well as projects. This reduces the amount of stress you have to cope with to the minimum. In some cases, it can even delete the stress and leave you with the eustress, the one which drives your productivity, without harming you. In a regular job, you are stressed about arriving late, you are stressed about your colleagues and so on.. there are simply a lot of reasons to be stressed! When you become location independent, you can choose your working hours – which, for night owls, like me, is a blessing! – and enjoy your late night parties without having to rush to the office the next day and deal with the lack of sleep. Moreover, this is a scientifically proven fact!

#2 Increase your productivitynoun_417703_cc

Ditching the commute and the coffee breaks is going to make you more productive. Working from a pleasant, relaxing environment is not going to distract you, but it will help you work efficiently. This comes from the fact you are working on your most productive hours, on your terms, which is a great benefit.

#4 It’s a win-win situationnoun_131550_cc

As a millennial, you probably think of becoming an entrepreneur yourself, but you also probably lack the money for the startup. Digital nomading is solving this problem, as the employer doesn’t have to invest in renting offices, paying infrastructure and furnishing the place. All these belong to the worker, leaving the entrepreneur with more money to hire more people. As a side point, these money can go to a high quality marketing company, as outsourcing is affordable and can turn a small business into a medium one.

For the employee, the operating costs also drop. You do need to have a strong connection and a good, reliable laptop, but apart from these, you can go anywhere and do anything you want. If you feel like working from a small hut in a remote Asian village, in your underwear, you can do it!

#5 You can earn morenoun_8356_cc

There are studies which say millennials are going to have to work until they will be 75 years old, which is not a great perspective. However, those studies only take into account the millennial who works from 9 to 5, in an office. By comparison, a digital nomad can earn more. Being a location independent worker makes you more productive and cuts the time you would have spent on the commute, which gives you more time. Time is money, so you can get multiple jobs and earn more. Just how much more? As much as you are willing to earn.

#6 Embrace the trendnoun_203055_cc

Working in an office job can make you feel old, as each day is the same, all cubicles are the same and you have to wear the same office clothes, in dull colors. According to a survey, 68% of the new grads are now turning to employers who provide them with remote work opportunities. There are many types of remote work arrangements, so you can experience this lifestyle couple of days per week, for example. The change from the regular schedule can increase your productivity and is going to keep you motivated.

#7 Minimize your carbon footprintnoun_23765_cc

Millennials are now more involved in protecting the environment and this is one of the reasons now is the best time to become a digital nomad. Cutting the commute and working from a quiet, remote village is going to help the planet by reducing the gasoline consumption and the amount of toxic gases released in the air by your car. There are also numbers to show you just how much digital nomading matters to the world: in 2013, telecommuting reduced the annual US gasoline consumption by 680 million gallons! And this is only in US!

Digital nomads are the workers of the future

Right now, the competition on the freelancer’s market is pretty decent, but in ten years time, it will become fiercer than the office job market competition. The future belongs to digital nomads and if you won’t make the step right now, you might find yourself stepping into the remote worker’s market when the competition will be already big and you will have to start from the bottom, making your name as a professional digital nomad.