When you hear the words digital nomad, you think of a young fellow who is traveling the world with a backpack, working on the road. But what about the elder nomad? Is digital nomading life fit for a 60something? Forbes predicts half the US population will become digital nomads by 2020, so your retirement years might look completely different than you imagine right now.

Taking up digital nomading as a retirement plannoun_150300_cc

When you enter your 50s or 60s, you think about retirement years. Stereotypes say elderly people are not compatible with technology, which is mandatory for a digital nomad. Backpacking and lack of comfort are also believed not to be compatible with a 60something. This is because we all think of retirement years, when we will lay on the couch the whole day, watching TV.

But these are old misconceptions, that are bound to be broken and 50somethings are discovering the new lifestyle which is digital nomading. Instead of watching TV on the couch, more and more elders are exploring the world, as digital nomads.

New times, new habitsnoun_68979_cc

When you reach a certain age, you already have a wide array of habits, which may prevent you from enjoying a different type of life. Leaving behind all the habits and all the things you know is frightening, but it’s also rewarding. Relocating is going to provide you with a new perspective upon life. Thanks to your life experience, you will know exactly what you want and how to get it. Another benefit of being a 50something digital nomad is the fact you have a lot of work experience. This will help you find work easier, compared to younger nomads, who still have to acquire expertise.

Why the big 60 is the perfect moment to try the digital nomad lifenoun_404_cc

People over 50 years old have a lot of advantages in front of their younger peers, when it comes to embracing the digital nomad life.

First, older adults have left behind the pressure to become parents, care for their families and prove themselves in the work field. When you are 50, your kids are old enough to care for themselves, your career is already established and your debts are running on their last months. These points allow the new digital nomad more flexibility and freedom, compared to a young adult, who may be struggling with student loan debt.

Life experience is another great asset: after several decades of life, you know how to deal with a lot of problems, both personal and professional.

Traveling might be tiresome, but if you suffer from a specific condition, which is made worse by weather, you can relocate for several months and benefit from the soothing weather of another country.

Why aren’t there more digital nomads over 50?noun_417703_cc

Despite older adults have multiple reasons to embrace the nomad life, there are few who actually take this step. The reason seems to be linked to money: even if older adults have a bigger financial power, they are reluctant to leave their cozy home and invest their money in tickets for Bali or another far away country. But after the initial investment, the cost of living in the South Asian area, is significantly lower to that of the living in US or Europe.

Apart from money, fear is what keeps mature adults at home. Of course, this lifestyle is not fit for everyone, but this is not a reason to give up on the amazing digital nomad life. If you want to give up on your boring, average life and experience the taste of the world, go remotely! You will never regret this decision and if you don’t like it, you can always return home with a backpack of memories.