Digital nomads have all the freedom they want to have, especially when it comes to living in a certain country. There is no other lifestyle which offers the level of mobility digital nomads experience, but the world is a big place, which means having all the freedom you want in choosing a destination can become tricky. Too many options are overwhelming, so how can you pick the right destination?

As I found out, there is a sort of algorithm which digital nomads apply in order to choose the next destination, so here are the steps to take.

Go with your intuitionnoun_68979_cc

Don’t force yourself to find a new destination to travel – wait for the right moment to show up and the destination will come with it. Planning in advance is not compatible with the digital nomad lifestyle. You have to keep a good balance between planning and going with the flow. You don’t want to leave everything to fate, but you do want to be able to skip your next travel date once in a while, just because you’ve got a new opportunity. Digital nomads don’t know where they are going; they only know where they’ve been until the present moment and this is what makes this lifestyle awesome.

Allow the next destination to come to younoun_78156_cc

From outside, it may seem digital nomads run after their next destination, but the reality is we just follow the sings and leave destinations to come to us. Weird? Possibly, but that’s not the point.

You will hear people talking about a certain place, you will see a movie featuring a country, you will get emails from people who live on the other side of the globe – each time you will hear about a new city, a new country, you will be considering traveling to that place. However, after a good night’s sleep, you will forget most of these references, except the one which really attracts you. If you can’t stop thinking of Bali, for example, you need to pack your things and go there.

Make a listnoun_16433_cc

When you are looking for a new destination, make a list with all the things you want from this new place. This process resembles the filters of Nomad List and this is not a coincidence: as a digital nomad you need to choose your next destination depending on what you want. And I am not talking about a luxurious bathroom. List things like the weather type, the type of people you want to meet next, the speed of life and the cost of living. Nomading is all about meeting new people, in new places, getting to know foreign cultures and having a lot of fun in the process.

Forget about comfortnoun_187632_cc

Digital nomads are people who compromise, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The compromise of a digital nomad is giving up on the comfort zone and taking up new adventures daily. When you choose the next destination you have to take up the most adventurous one. The place which attracts you, even if you don’t know the language, you have no friends in that part of the world and you are a bit afraid of traveling to that place. Be bold when you plan your next trip and you will be rewarded with amazing scenery and people. Remember you need to challenge yourself in order to improve and become a better person.

Traveling solonoun_53

Choosing the next destination when you are traveling with your friends is a group task, but try to travel on your own at least once. It will be a different type of adventure, but you will be able to learn a lot of new things about yourself. When you travel on your own, the list of things you want from a new destination can change a lot. If you never thought about safety when you were with your friends, you will definitely think about it now, when you are on your own. This is a random example, but you will discover how different it is to choose your next destination when you are traveling solo, compared to when you are accompanied by friends.

In the end, your next destination is just a mean to learn new things and meet new people. Digital nomads can’t go wrong with their travels, even if there are places where bad things are more likely to happen. But you still need to experience those places; tough situations are going to teach you how to get better and you will meet amazing people, whom you can trust on the long run. The best part about it all is the fact you can leave at any time, because you are a nomad!