Are you thinking of dating a digital nomad? Congratulations! They are bold humans, who are not afraid to break the rules and live life in their own terms. Because they are always on the road – or, at least most of the time – nomads are very attractive dates. They are smart, they have a lot of interesting stories to tell and they are not afraid to reveal their true nature, being exposed to a lot of situations on daily basis. If you are not dating a nomad…

Digital nomads are expected to made up about half the working population in US until 2020, according to Forbes, while other sources estimate there will be more than 1 billion digital nomads until 2035. The take away from these statistics is the probability of dating a nomad in the future is very high.

Dating itself is pretty intimidating, with the dozen rules and awkward silences, but when your date is hundred of mile away from you, things can become overwhelming.

I’ve gathered x things you need to know before you start dating a digital nomad, in an attempt to make things easier for everyone involved.

#1 Your nomad date’s schedule is chaoticnoun_404_cc

Digital nomads are free people and they are also living by their own rules, which means they follow a chaotic schedule. Sleeping, eating and working follow each other in strange sequence. After a sexy moment, your digital nomad can wake up and start working for two days in a row. Living the nomad life also means you might have trouble getting in touch with your date. It’s normal for a nomad to miss several calls for as long as a week, so don’t start worrying too early.

#2 Time is money – literally!noun_8356_cc

Before you start dating a digital nomad you need to know your partner is going to be rich one week and poor the next week. Financial fluctuations are the norm for a digital nomad. Another thing you have to consider is a nomad’s free time is in direct inverse proportion to the amount of work one has at a time. In other words, when a digital nomad has free time, he is broke; when the pocket is full, your date is busy.

#3 Real jobs, real taxesnoun_16433_cc

If you think your new date is not paying taxes, think again! Digital nomads do pay their taxes and they might even pay additional income taxes in the country they currently work.

#4 Digital nomads are not distractednoun_86100_cc

Many people who dated a digital nomad complain about their partner’s lack of attention. The reality is a nomad’s brain is overwhelmed by dozens of things at the same time. Taxes, projects, deadlines, friends, parents, love… if you know what happens with a computer when you open 20-30 browser tabs at the same time, you know why a digital nomad seems to be distracted all the time. Have patience with your new romantic interest and you will be rewarded.

#5 Emotional issues are realnoun_81303_cc

Why would someone choose to work away from crowded offices? One of the reasons is to stay away from work colleagues. Many digital nomads have a specific issue, such as depression, bipolar disorder, OCD or anxiety. These problems make them function better away from the office, in their own bubble, but can also be a significant obstacle in front of a new relationship.

These problems can be overcome with help from a loving partner, so you need to “crack” the outer layer of your digital nomad date, in order to see what hides underneath.

Overcome the misconceptions

Digital nomads have a special lifestyle, which makes them the target of myths, as few people understand this special way of living. One of the myths is you can’t date a nomad if you are not a nomad yourself. It’s true a nomad travels a lot, but as long as you are willing to accept this fact, you can date a remote worker.

The problems you will face while dating someone who is always on the road are specific, so don’t expect things to be the same as they are when you date someone who works from 9 to 5, in a cubicle. Proper communication and mutual goals are the core of any relationship, but when your partner is a digital nomad, you two will have to make an effort to maintain your relationship.

Focus on your unique date

Each digital nomad has a slightly different lifestyle, so you first have to discover the person you are dating. In the remote worker network there are introverts and extroverts, charismatic individuals and shy persons, workaholics and lazy people…get to know who are you dating!

Sort things out before the dating game becomes serious. Ask your digital nomad potential date how much is he/she traveling and what are his/her future plans. Ask if they would consider having a home and settle down. If your plans coincide or you are willing to negotiate, the two of you are now a couple.

Be sincere from the start and take things as they come – it might be the start of a wonderful romantic relationship or a life-long friendship.