Normally as digital nomads we are looking for different options and places that can offer us as well adventures but at the same time stability to be able to complete our digital jobs and projects. In many cases we require not only beautiful views and interesting cultures, but we need a place that can offer us good connection to digital media and internet access for our computers and devises to keep in contact with our families, couples or for work related. That is way around the world many countries are some of the favorite destinations for us.

One of this countries, that has been working really hard not only to attract tourists and digital nomads, is Costa Rica. Known around the world as a tropical paradise, is one of the most connected countries in Central America, offering us lots of different public wifi connections and fast broadband.  As well government has been working to provide economic options to learn about the culture and the history of this little country. Other benefit is that the cost of living in this place is affordable with the benefit of finding a lot of options to get completely in contact with the culture and other nomads.

Besides the weather and the people there are three main reasons why a Digital Nomads will need to travel to this country. Here some of the reasons that will make you think about why you need to go to Costa Rica:

 noun_16433_cc1. Cost: 

This country offers really affordable options for living and as well for other needs as food and access to public services. One of the most important points is that a Digital Nomad will have options all over the country for living or just sleeping, you will find offers for renting a house or a cabana for a season of if you are more interested in a short period of time, for days. As well there are different Hostels that will give you the options to travel to different places and change the environment from the city to a mountain or a beach in just a few hours.

As an example, if you look for options online you will be able to find really good prices and different discounts, In San José in this moment you could find a  room in a hostel for $450.00 for a  month, or if you prefer less than $15.00 per night. But as well if you are looking for a beach you will find places like “Selina Manuel Antonio” that is a hotel located in the Pacific Coast, where you will find prices around $350.00 to $400.00 per month with breakfast included.

Other benefit is that you can change from the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Sea in terms of a few hours, this with really good transportation services for less than $16.00 from coast to coast. You can find many other options of transportation to any point you want to visit from the Capital city. As well the schedules for the routes are open from really early hours of the morning to late shifts.

Other good affordable option is the food, in this case you can take a chance to eat traditional and tasty food with really good prices. You can find local restaurants all over the country that will provide traditional combos as “Gallo Pinto” or a “Casado”, for prices around $6.00 up to $10.00 depending of what you want to eat. Other options will be as well to cook you own food, where you are going to find lots of different local vegetable and products with low prices and really good quality, where you can prepare your own recipes using fresh  ingredients, this in all the different farmers markets.

noun_68979_cc2. Easy transportation from a place to another:

As Costa Rica is a really small country, you can change from a city environment to a mountain and going back to the city in the same day. This is a wonderful option if you are interested on exploring all the scenarios that this country offers. Most of the cases nomads decide to stay in the city for a few days, then moving to a mountain or a forest to relax and to enjoy the pureness of the nature and then going back to the city to plan the next destiny to visit.

As we said before, the transportation options are open to your own limits; you find transportation from any point of the country to San José, and back.  You will be able to find accessible schedules and routes.

noun_81303_cc3.Experiences and cultural contact.

For us is really important as we are traveling to get in contact with the culture and in a personal case to learn and feel not only that I am knowing a country, I need to feel that I am getting closer to the people, because this is the best way to learn and absorb all the atmosphere of the area. That is way the people of this country will be always open to help and show you all the wonderful places and those tricks that will make your time there easier.

In the free time that we have available you can visit different museums of historical places that will give you a good view of where you are and understand the people. You will find important places like in the capital city with low prices to visit, as the National Museum, with a guide. Other option is to learn from the very environment, as this is a rich cultural country, just walking around you will see artistic expressions all over the place, talk with the people and be part of it.

Besides these three reasons you will find more as soon as you land. There are several blogs from other Digital Nomads that are normally sharing experiences of this country, where you can find suggestions and comments that will help you.

So take a chance and have a Nomad Adventure in Costa Rica and remember, you will always be welcome with a “Pura Vida”