While we are traveling is important for us to keep a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. We need to find a balance between a moderate and reasonable diet that will allow us to have the needed energy not only to enjoy different adventures, but to be able to complete our daily projects and jobs. In the same way, having a good diet will allow us to keep an ideal weight to take adventures that require physical effort.

Other benefit of a balance diet will be to avoid getting sick that often, and as we know this is a huge deal when we are in different countries and we don’t really know how the medical attention or what to expect from the medical care. A healthy nutrition will help our body to have the necessary defense to face all the changes that we need to go through, as climate, temperature, schedule changes and many others.

Even though our diet is changing constantly depending on the place we are located and in many cases of the period of time that we are going to spend in a place, we depend on the gastronomic culture and the local products that we can find.

And having a balanced diet doesn’t really mean that we will not eat the local food or we are not going to enjoy the different products that we are going to find, it means that we need to know how much and what we definitely can’t eat. A gastronomic adventure is really important because will offer us a good point of view of the culture and will make us enjoy even more the experience of living in another country.

That is why here are some tricks and tips that will help you and that you need to take in consideration:


One of the main points is to keep our bodies always hydrated, is essential to maintain our muscles hydrated, as our body is 75% water. We need to get the water from different sources and this way we will maintain our body in optimal conditions to deal with exhaustive trips and to face all the different activities that we have programed. We need to consider that we lose water not only sweating, we do it when we breathe and when we go to the bathroom.

We can get this important element not only from a bottle of water, we can receive it from different sources, as fruits and vegetables that will help us with the hydrations process, and in the other hand it will help us providing a really high energetically pattern. Some of the fruits that contain high water value are: watermelon (up to 92% of water on it), strawberry, oranges, pineapple and apples. Other sources of water are: yogurt (up to a 86% of water), fish, eggs, jam and chicken.


Before traveling is really important to investigate about the gastronomical culture of the country, know what can you expect and what type of food you will find. This will help as you will know the products available in that place and know if you will need to carry something with you to complement your diet.

As an example in many countries you will find a huge variety of food but even that you know that you will definitely need fruits and for sure you will not find those in that country, you can prepare yourself and buy them before the trip or know if there is a special place where to find it. As well if you make a research you will know what to expect in terms of nutritional values in the area.

noun_86100_cc3. Know your body and know what you can stand

You need to know what type of food you can digest and what typ you can’t. This is a really important point as we are normally testing and trying new culinary experiences, we are always looking for surprises and new flavors, but our health can’t be a surprise.   You need to know the type of ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction or even ingredients that will irritate you stomach.

noun_96666_cc4. Visit local farmer markets

This will help you not only finding local products; you will be able to find healthy and fresh vegetables and fruits that you can use to cook and as well to get in contact with the local farmers. You can ask to the farmers how those products were harvested and know if there was and organic process behind it (which is the most common option in these places).  As well in many places you will be able to find small restaurants that will offer you meals prepared with fresh ingredients.


Remember these 4 tips, and again, having good eating habits doesn’t mean not eating anything from a place or avoiding local and exotic products, it means to investigate and know your body. As well it means to take care to be able to enjoy the full experience.