As part of our traveling experiences, we are always looking for new food, flavors and culinary adventures, that’s why as a personal point of view, we need to try different food from the country where we are. This is a great way to get in contact with the culture and the history, as well is a huge part of the traveling experience. Know that there are a lot of new flavors and different sensations while we taste a meal or a recipe is what moves me to know and travel.

One of the favorite destinations in regards of food and tastes will always be the old Asia. This continent offers to the travelers a whole new point of view of what cooking and cuisine is, and every time we visit the land of the dragoons, we are going to be surprised with new things, with new sensations and new recipes that will surprise our palate.

This is the reason why we decided to go through this continent and review some of the most delicious and interesting culinary options that need to eat and will be a must while we are there.

bibimbap1. BIBIMBAP from Korea:

This is a special plate form Korea, there is no way to say no to it, and normally is the preferred one from this culture. If you want to have troubles with a Korean, say that this is not a special recipe.   Bibim means “to mix”, the reason is that you need to mix all the ingredients as soon as you receive it, it contains: rice on the bottom with some raw  vegetables and other sautéed (carrot, cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, sprouts, algae and others) covered with a spicy sauce. Depending on the city you will find variations where some people add eggs or even meat. Every Korean will tell you to try the one that is prepared in Jeonju, the place where this delicious recipe came from.

2. LAKSA from Malaysia:laksa

If you travel and visit Malaysia you will note that the soup will always be an option everywhere you go. But here is a recipe that you need to try; this is the Laksa, that is basically an spicy noodle dish with a delicious curry soup. It is really common to find some people that prepare the noodles with coconut milk but in many other places this is an spicy fish-based sour with noodles. You will be able to find different street vendors trough all Malaysia with different ingredients and flavors, but in the base all of them are the same, you just need to enjoy it.

pempek3. PEMPEK from Indonesia

This is one of the favorites of Indonesia, this dish if originally from Palembang. It is made of fish and sago flours, served over Coku, that  is dark sauce made from brown sugar, garlic, vinegar, salt and chili pepper just boiled in water.  All over the country there are different varieties of Pempek, but the most popular is the the one called Pempek Kapal Selam,  that is made with eggs wrapped fish deep fried

4. PAD THAI from Thailandpad-thai

You will be able to fond Pad Thai anywhere you go in Thailand, even though there are different ways to prepare it, the base will be always the same, noodles and rice. In this case is really similar to the Paella  from Spain, the difference is that in many cases you can find Pad Thai  made only with vegetables or meat, in other places there will be options as prawns or different sea food. As well it will be always accompanied with spicy sauce (of course), but they will serve it in a different plate, so you can mix it if you want it.

5. THALI from Nepalthali

This is a vegetarian dish in must of the cases but in some places you can find different types of meat served on it, and is made with different dishes. Thali literally means “plate”, it is a variety of different plates served in small bowls, that contain different ingredients. You will find a lot of favors from sweet, spicy, salty ; with rice, lentils and starchy bread that you will use it to combine the flavors and the ingredients on the plate. It depends on the place but they use to add vegetables.


So remember, these must be a must in a travel to Asia, you need to try the different recipes for the different regions of each country and you will find that the flavors could change but the base of the plate will be the same.

Other tip that for sure is going to help you is to remember to enjoy and in each one of the bites you will be able to taste the history and the culture of this countries!!!