For the travelers is always important to get some information about the place we are going to visit, it is important to always check for other travelers experiences and comments about the place that we have in mind. We are looking for comments and important points to take in consideration, which is why we look at different blogs and web sides to get this information.

Making good investigations is an essential point of the planning, as we are going to be able to   get ready for different details that you cannot leave to the luck. This doesn’t mean that you will kill all the surprises of the trip, it just means that you will be ready and prepared for those “bad surprises”. We can find a lot of different post and comments that will warn us about details that could be small or big deals to care about, as weather, what to expect in regards of lodging, what you can cautious about and even small details like what you need to carry with you.

Because of this this is important for us to always keep a Travel Journey, not just with the purpose of sharing our pictures and  good moments, it is important because this is the best way of sharing significant information that other travelers can use as a point of reference and a guide. Sharing details, tips, tricks and valuable information will help making easier the journey for other people.

Nowadays is really easy for us to share all this information in the web, there are several options that allow us to post details and different comments. Here we are going to see some options you can take in consideration to make this true:

noun_68268_cc1. Travel blog.

A blog is a really persona and easy way to share information, we can find a lot of different websites where we can create if from cero and that will allow us to personalize the way we can express our message and share the experiences. There are many blogs dedicated to travelers where the people normally are posting specific topics about the travel that calls more their attention, as an example we are able to find blogs about Food of different countries, pictures of different places, music around the world, traditions and culture, and in that way any other topic that will interest us.

But besides sharing pictures and just advises, we are able to share our thoughts and what this experiences makes you feel, you can share in a really personal level all the sensations and feelings that you have during your Journey. There are some blogs around the web where the nomad is posting information every day or every week about the new things they’ve learn and they want everyone to know about. In other cases people keep a more open to opinions blog where they can request to other nomads for advises and second opinions about specific places and suggestions.

Making a basic research online I was able to find bloggers with valuable information about what you need to learn before traveling and other with graphics about different points to take inconsideration form countries where people can vote and let their comments.

noun_96666_cc2. Video Journey.

There are different websites that will allow us to have a user and share videos, post and update videos. A lot of travelers are using this option so they can share all the experiences from a more visual option and can teleport the viewers with them to all the locations and wonderful places.

This is a more interactive option as we can provide to other nomads a more visual idea and make more personal the experience than just writing, people will be able to hear us and in the same way we are going to be able to be more sincere with the feelings we want to share

noun_16433_cc3. Facebook

Another way is creating a Facebook profile or page, were we are going to be able to share with our closest friends and any other person that wants to look for information. The advantage of this option is that  this is a really easy platform of information sharing and posting, and there are so many people around the world that have a FB account and the information you want to share will be easily shared with a lot of people around the world.


So remember, share you information that will help a lot of people and take advantage of other nomads and travelers that are sharing this same type of information.

If you have any blog of site dedicated to your travels, post it in the comments so we can learn about your experience and maybe this will help another person!