With the development of new technologies, fast-paced life and high living standards, a new work style has emerged – a digital nomad. These are people who use telecommunication technologies to work remotely and earn a living by conducting their business online. Such workers typically work from foreign countries, coffee shops, libraries, hotel lobbies or even beaches. Their work is not limited to a single, stationary workplace.

The idea of a digital or global nomad has become popular over the past years and it’s something that many young entrepreneurs dream of since they cannot see themselves stuck in an office, in a 9-5 routine. If you have the necessary skills, a laptop, and a good Wi-Fi connection, you’re good to go! The fact that you can do it from anywhere in the world makes this type of work a dream job.

What to consider before starting

Nomadic life can be a rather difficult endeavour. Working while on the move requires a lot of flexibility and planning. Apart from the laptop, you need a good wireless connection which is not always easy to find. If you don’t manage to secure it, you risk missing the deadlines and not fulfilling the daily tasks. In addition, this freedom of movement doesn’t come without a price. There are costs of accommodation, food and transport, which means you need to have a steady income.

Another important aspect to bear in mind in order to succeed in this lifestyle is knowing yourself. It’s not just about adventure and having fun. In order to get there, you must handle many difficulties along the way first, so you need to be sure of your motives and your capabilities. Remember why you are doing it. People travel for different reasons and you need to know yours. If it’s to live in a warm and sunny country, then give yourself time to enjoy the weather. If you just needed to get away from everything, then use your travelling experience to learn new things and broaden your mind.

Also, make sure you can deal with being uncomfortable. You need to accept that you don’t have a home base anymore, that you need to work out your own schedule, time and task management, deal with problems such as having no internet connection, different styles of food and bad infrastructure. Also, it’s essential for you to discover your own best rhythm, when and where you can be most productive so you can build your schedule around it. Whether it’s at the beach on a hot day or in a cool café with noisy tourists distracting you, finding a balance between productivity and play is a must.

How to pick a destination

One of the most important decisions for digital nomads is the choice of destination. Chasing the sun and warm weather is a recurring theme in nomadic lifestyle so many remote workers choose South East Asia or South America, where an additional bonus is a lower cost of living. Australia has also emerged as one of the top destination choices and a real magnet for people who don’t only want to enjoy life there, but work, too. Namely, the Land Down Under offers many advantages – warm weather, rich and vibrant culture, great standard of living, a booming economy and plenty of business opportunities. There are also numerous activities you can do in your free time, fantastic places to explore, great Wi-Fi network and infrastructure.

One of the most favourite choices of many nomads is Sydney. This is a thriving city that offers great job opportunities, exciting modern lifestyle, world-famous attractions and a friendly culture. Also, finding a great coworking space in Sydney is a piece of cake! This city has a huge number of shared office spaces just popping up all over the urban scene. These lively and colourful hubs are great places where you can meet like-minded people and share your experiences.

Other popular destinations are Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Wollongong. They all offer thriving business scenes and rich cultural experiences. All you need to do is a thorough research of all the aspects before you decide where to go – travelling and accommodation costs, telephone coverage, highs and lows of tourist season and possible risks.

Final thoughts

Australia is a unique place with a remarkable mixture of beautiful nature, entertainment, culture and business opportunities. It offers excellent possibilities for a nomadic lifestyle but it’s not all roses. Make sure you make the most of it so prepare well, do the research, and come up with a good working schedule.