As a digital nomad you often struggle to find a good working space, where you can meet other nomads and share your experience. Because more and more people ditch their 9 to 5 jobs and become nomads, there are more and more digital nomad working spaces around the world. Here is a list of the best 8 of them.

1. Nomad Life, Nicaragua

One of the most popular working spaces for digital nomads is Nomad Life. Situated in Nicaragua, it is affordable for everyone and provides living spaces, as well as working spaces. There are many recreational opportunities near this base, which offers a complete SPA-like experience for nomads.

2. Punspace, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a popular location for digital nomads, so this base is also popular for those working on the road. Punspace has indoor and outdoor working spaces, open 24/7. They offer many useful facilities, like Skype, which are important for nomads. Punspace has two locations, one in Nimman, close to the shops and bars, another one in Tha Phae Gate, which offers a pause from the city bustle.

3. Hub Hoi An, Vietnam

When you want to relax and work in a hammock you can head towards Hub Hoi An, in Vietnam. This base is located between the World Heritage Site Hoi An and the beach An Bang, so it offers a lot of wonderful places to see. The Hub has lavishing gardens and air conditioned rooms where nomads can work and share their experiences. On top of this, Hub Hoi An is an affordable base.

4. Open, Johannesbourg

Open is an uncluttered space that offers clean and modern offices for work. It also offers two other essentials for digital nomads: coffee and a good internet connection. You can feel the urban vibe of the town, while sharing your own inspiration for becoming a nomad.

5. La Casa Redonda, Medellin

Despite having a negative fame, Medellin is a great city for nomads, so it’s little doubt it shows up on this list with a popular working hub: La Casa Redonda. Located in a great neighborhood, where there are lots of cafes and restaurants, La Casa is the place where digital nomads can work and party together.

6. Portal Shibuya, Tokyo

Located next to Shibuya station, this working space offers comfy sofas and a nice kitchen, where nomads can prepare their favorite dishes. The Portal has a modern design, with an open plan that promotes social interaction.

7. The Box Jelly, Honolulu

The Box Jelly is owned by a Honolulu local, which makes it the first working hub locally-owned. The entire project started with the mission to create a gathering place for independent workers, which evolved into a large community. The only drawback is the high cost of living in Hawaii.

8. Kohub, Thailand

Situated in the Koh Lanta island, Kohub offers a juice bar, communal lunches and accommodation 24/7. With a beautiful scenery that can be viewed from the deck, Kohub is a great working space for nomads.