Remote working is reshaping the world of employment as we know it. Considering that more than half of the entire world now has internet access and the fact that companies hire less full-time workers and focus more on project-specific employment, it becomes clear that working remotely is not just a simple trend. Becoming a digital nomad is easier than ever and there’s quite a lot of people who travel the world with nothing more than a backpack and a laptop and work from any part of the world that has a decent internet connection. Here are some of the best ways you can make money online while traveling.


Blogging is easily one of the oldest and most reliable ways to make a profit online. You might that blogging is a thing of the past that is rarely used today, but the truth is, blogs have remained relevant even in 2017. Granted, some of the most lucrative niches are experiencing quite a lot of competition these days and building and maintaining authority requires a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Not to mention that relying on your blog as a sole source of income is hardly advisable. That said, travel blogs can be quite successful if you couple blog promotion with video and social media advertising.

Freelance writing

If you’re a creative person who enjoys writing in your spare time, you might want to consider turning your hobby into a full-time, paying job. Travel blogs are extremely popular and while most people prefer to watch videos and scroll through hundreds of pictures each day, there are those who enjoy reading a nicely written article and travel blog is quite a profitable market. You can update your own blog or you can write for a number of online portals willing to pay for high-quality work.

Social trading

Back in the day, traders used to travel throughout the world looking for the best possible prices and searching for new open markets. Data exchanges and market information could only be traded using complicated networks of connections and contacts that were built over a period of years, if not decades. These days, however, social trading platforms allow for a quick and easy information tracking and exchange and trading online with the help from other traders have actually helped absolute beginners to shorten their learning curve and become an expert social trader in less time than previously thought possible.

Creating a YouTube channel

You’d be surprised by the number of people who make their living creating YouTube videos. Some create vlogs and share parts of their lives with the general public, while others record themselves playing video games or preparing food. But traveling and making YouTube videos are simply a match made in heaven. The important thing is to be creative, honest and upload regularly in order to cultivate a decent following. Once you have enough subscribers, you can start monetizing your videos and get paid every time a viewer clicks on an ad.

Selling ads and sponsored content

While we’re on the subject of ads, YouTube isn’t the only platform where you can use ads to generate a profit. You can also monetize your own blog, website or social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram and even podcasts. The only catch is that you need to have a sizable following in order to earn any real money from ad revenue. However, if you create interesting, original content, post it on a regular basis and take your time to engage your audience, it won’t be long before you have a large enough following to earn some real cash.

Making money online is by no means an easy task. That said, every entrepreneurial effort comes with its own learning curve and a certain degree of uncertainty. You will, without a doubt, face a lot of competition, which only emphasizes the need to be original, creative and engaging. Whether it’s blogging, writing, trading or shooting videos, there are more ways than one to generate a profit online. All you have to do is put in the work and be patient and persistent.