Recently, I had to look for and choose a coworking space in the center of Moscow (Russia), to place a team of 12-15 people. Therefore, after I personally visited a large number of coworking spaces, and looked even more around the web, so as the collected information was not gone down the drain – I decided to write an article with a short overview of coworking spaces in the center of the Russia capital – perhaps it could help you to choose a coworking space!

Initially, I was looking for a coworking space, using a common websearch, then I got acquainted with the information from the website, scrolling the pictures. Next, I called to the selected coworking spaces in order to clarify the missing information. At each stage the list of suitable places was reduced and at some point in my shortlist turned out to be 5 coworkings, a brief description of which I’m offering you. All photos are taken from the official websites. Coworking spaces in my list are located without any special order – they all seemed interesting and convenient to me!

I will begin my story with, perhaps, the most central coworking space in my list – DI Telegraph coworking  (


This coworking space is located in the historic building of Central Telegraph, which is 500 meters from Red Square (respectively, the nearest metro station is Okhotny Ryad – 3 minutes on foot). Despite the fact that the building itself is known to everyone – to find coworking space in it was not that difficult – but not quite trivial. Obviously, there is not enough visible navigation for those who do not know where to go. Coworking itself is quite large, the atmosphere there suggests working – hits the spot! Access is 24/7, inside there is a small but cozy cafe. In DI Telegraph, I spent some time working as a guest – in general everything was fine, but the chairs seemed slightly uncomfortable. There is a one day rate – it is convenient if you need to work comfortably in the center. Bonus: in this coworking was the fastest Internet of those that I ever observed!

Next on my list is the WorkStation coworking space ( But it’s not even just coworking space – it’s a whole network of coworkings – there are currently 4 of them (3 in Moscow and one in Orenburg). I preferred the one that is Gorky Park (the nearest metro station is Leninsky Prospekt, 6 min walking from there) – coworking with huge windows to Neskuchny Garden and a summer terrace!


I really liked the idea of having a workplace practically in the park, with the opportunity to go out and have a walk at any time! I was there in winter, so I could not test the open summer terrace, but judging by the information from their website, it is possible to work there in the shade of trees in summer! There is only one meeting room for the entire coworking space and their own cafe works only in summer, but right next to it there is an external cafe. Since it’s a network, you can work from any coworking space of the network using rates with unfixed working place. Bonus: there are showers, which allows you to take a break at any time and exercise in the park, and then go back to work!

Third, I’ll tell you about the coworking space, which at the time of my visit was just opened – the Gravity (


It is located 3 minutes walk from the metro station Baumanskaya on the territory owned by RosKosmos. Inside is a spacious and modern interior. A recent opening affected the fact that there was silence inside and there was an opportunity to choose almost any place – there were very few occupied. There are quite a lot of meeting rooms of different sizes and the free hours of their use are included in the subscription, which is convenient for important meetings / calls or even for small events. There is a conference hall and a small cafe on the territory of coworking space. Open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Bonus: promo code gives you the 5% discount for all types of subscriptions and services!

Another coworking about which I want to tell you is Arma Coworking (, located in the business district of Arma, which is 2 minutes walk from Kurskaya metro station (Koltsevaya line).


Probably, the main reason why I want to mention this coworking in my review is the atmosphere that isn’t only in this coworking space, but in the entire Arma quarter – a lot of very interesting conferences, presentations, and seminars are constantly being held here, and the residents are a large number of interesting companies! I am sure that the very opportunity to work in the very center of such an atmosphere can be very valuable! Also on the territory of the business quarter is a large number of cafes, you can find various services for business and a huge number of interesting people! Bonus: large parking for all visitors of the business district of Arma.

Also inside the Garden Ring is the Klyuch Patriarchie coworking (, which is a part of a network of 5 coworking spaces (this network also has coworking in the business quarter of Arma). It is located a 6-minute walk from the Barrikadnaya metro station.


Very comfortable and thoughtful interior – cozy and tuning to work. At the same time, this coworking can be called, perhaps, the most expensive of the considered – at the time of writing the article it had the highest prices for single visits and other types of season tickets. Open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, as well as in other networks, it is possible to choose a rate with an unfixed workplace and work from any network coworking.

In conclusion of the review, I want to note that there are much more than 5 coworking spaces in the center of Moscow, and many of them, I’m sure, are not inferior to those examined – but they did not get into my review, because they might not suit enough my specific business needs and therefore I did not consider them initially.

See you in the vast expanses of Moscow coworking spaces!