Per Markus Törnberg – Poland Country GM for Crossover

Having lived in various places across Europe throughout my career, from the North of Europe in Stockholm Sweden where I was born to the West of Europe in Brussels Belgium the capital of Europe, to the financial and international capital of Europe in London U.K., to the south of Europe in Athens Greece the cradle of democracy. The time finally came to live in a different place.

Currently, I find myself living in Warsaw Poland in Central Europe, a city that is much underappreciated, it has had steady growth since the fall of communism at the start of the 90s. And not only has the city grown and changed literally, but people are also changing and increasing their per capita spending power and preferences.

With all these natural developments come more innovations, and historically Poland has always had great thinkers and scientist. Thus the fully engaged startup scene is, for example, starting to rival other cities that are already much better known. We still have far to go in Warsaw, but if you are like me, interested in startups, or in remote working whilst traveling, Warsaw is a place that should be on your list.

Of course, there are various types of people and we all look for something that will fit into our own preferences. So I have tried to compile this list thinking of various types of persons looking for various things. Since the type of person that you are, or your work profession also will depend on what type of workspace you would want to work in.

Warsaw’s list of Coworking spaces is growing fast, so please treat this list as a guideline at this moment, but new places are popping up non stop, and it is always worth visiting them before you decide to call one of them your home for a longer period of time.

If location is your main criteria it will depend on what part of the city you prefer, something close to the city center or more on the outskirts. Should it be in the business district or close to the historical center?

The coworking spaces that I have personally seen are these in Alphabetical order:

Brain Embassy (two locations near the city center and near the south business district) This is the place that is known as “The first co-creating in Poland” where ideas of working together and networking with a fun atmosphere comes together, they have various office spaces, private meeting rooms, open areas that can be used for various large events, fully fitted kitchens and much more. They also organize many meetups and events for the local community and for guests.

Business Link (three locations – including the main stadium of Warsaw) – a real coworking feel with grand open spaces in many locations in Warsaw and growing fast in other cities also. These coworking spaces have a mixed feeling, some of them are very office type places, and others are more of the fun relaxed type, so the choice is open to your own preferences.

Google Campus is about outside the center and the business district, on the other side of the river, that is being revitalized and the metro is being built in that direction, currently not in the perfect area, but Google has shown time and time again that it knows how to plan. They offer coworking space to the right teams, so it might not be for the individual who wants to be in the city center, but they do organize many events for the local community, and it is possible to work in the cafeteria area downstairs.

Hub Hub “A state of Mind” A new coworking space on the scene in Warsaw, also located in the south, they have started organizing a few events, but they have not made a big splash yet, the space itself is very nice, with multiple floors, office spaces and coworking areas upstairs and large open meeting areas on the ground floor. So far it looks like a lot of details have been worked on to bring a new fun place to the coworking area scene in Warsaw.

Mindspace The international upscale coworking space has come to Warsaw, and right above the newly renovated food hall Koszyki. Here you will never be hungry, and you are certainly in the city center. I have not seen any events advertised yet, but I imagine they will start doing great stuff once they are more established on the market, they are the newest addition on my list of co-working spaces in Warsaw, but definitely worth a visit.

Reaktor In the north part of Warsaw has become an institution, a small but very cozy coworking space, but with many great events and speakers each month. IF you do not want to travel for the coworking, it is definitely worth joining one of the speaker events.

Regus (12 locations) a big well-established company, office feel and very professional ideal for the business traveler or if someone wants a silent classic office environment. With so many locations, you can always find a place to work once you sign up. But it does feel a bit too much like the business lounge at airports in my opinion.

I did not take into account all the very small coworking spaces that are available, and all the coffee shops that we love to use since in the list above it cover most people’s needs, most of these places also have the basic Coffee/Tea/Water and snacks available also. As we all know any good coworking space needs internet and all the other basics also, so I just picked the best places.

Myself I work with a team of 30 other people currently in the city of Warsaw for the American startup Crossover, we decided to choose Brain Embassy as our main meeting space, and we are greatly enjoying the space, the community activities and the possibilities of small and large meeting rooms and open spaces. If you will be in Warsaw, please visit all the spaces on the list, and remember if you are in the Brain Embassy you can always come and say hello to our team and join us for a meetup.

Looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw soon,

*Coworking pictures were taken during our coworking launch party