In today’s fast-paced business environment, managers always have to find solutions while traveling around the world. More often than not, managers have to work from cafes, airports and various other places which are not necessarily suitable for work, but can provide a minimum space and comfort for writing emails and maybe even Skype calls.

To myself as a Country Manager at Crossover in Romania, traveling has become a style of working and living, as we organize monthly hiring tournaments in two of the biggest tech poles in the country: Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. My schedule gets even more crowded in the spring and in the autumn, as these are the most fruitful seasons in terms of community events.

Another reason for looking for coworking spaces in these cities is that most of our partners are located here, so we wanted to provide an alternative to the 100% remote jobs we offer—a place to meet, socialize or work, thus removing the necessity of coworking daily in a certain place.

Coworking spaces have proven to be the best option for us, as they make room for more interaction than the usual private office. Whenever our colleagues are stuck in a rut and need someone to brainstorm with or simply need to focus in a noise-free environment, the coworking spaces can provide both. Meeting new communities and attending events is also a usually welcomed add-on.

Knowing our needs, it was hard for us to decide which coworking spaces to choose for our remote teams, as most of them could have been suitable. However, we have also taken into consideration our future plans and the list has downsized; the ability to scale our membership fastly, a generous event space for our meetups or simply access to the communities that we wanted to support have been key points into taking our decision. Nonetheless, these still are the best coworking spaces in Romania:

Impact Hub Bucharest25399183_1436124793152322_3026238910102366658_n.jpg

Impact Hub is part of a global network with over 100 locations spread across 5 continents. It’s a creative coworking space, where innovative events that bring ideas and people together are often organized. Regardless of where they come from, those who go through this hub share the entrepreneurial mentality and the passion for innovation, and this environment is prolific to the development of their ideas.


Tech Hub- Bucharest

Tech Hub is a global community of entrepreneurs and tech initiatives. Saas startups can use the support of the hub in their growth journey, which focuses on understanding the process they are going through and the needs they have in each stage, from the conceptual point to completion. People from fintech, adtech and media, security, retail, edtech, entertainment, health and medtech, sports and more meet here to grow their ideas and invest in a better future.


Pura Vida Hub- Bucharest

The Pura Vida Hub blends harmoniously the work area with the relaxation area, featuring a tea room, plenty of sleeping quarters and a beautiful view over the Bucharest’s Old Town.26196016_1554995727911581_6537651293002294548_n

It’s the right hub to develop your projects in an efficient way because you can find professionals from all the fields available to lend a helping hand. Because of its positioning, it provides good access from various parts of the town, so remote-workers from varied domains come here to work.





ClujHub is an important landmark in Cluj-Napoca for the digital and entrepreneurial community. It’s a meeting place for business people, entrepreneurs, and freelancers working in digital and entrepreneurial areas. The mission of ClujHub is to support entrepreneurs in creating a sustainable future, and the atmosphere of this hub is based on diversity, curiosity, determination and an important ingredient-humor.