Remote work is becoming more prevalent in today’s digital world, as major advances that have occurred in the past years in Internet access and communication technology. Continuously improving infrastructure, faster and performant ways of transportation enable you to work almost from anywhere. And Budapest subscribes to this trend, too.
All around the world, people are showing an increasing interest in embracing more creative jobs. Thus, when the need for more creative and flexible lifestyles arises, they become more open to a remote kind of work. Moreover, studies show that remote work can significantly influence many areas of our lives.




A coworking space can be the go-to place for location-independent professionals and established communities of independent workers, tech passionates, and creatives who want to be better at their jobs in a collaborative environment.

For digital nomads who usually travel while working or don’t enjoy working from a permanent office, coworking spaces where they can meet with like-minded professionals can be an ideal solution.

An important fact is that Budapest ranks 33 out of the 60 best European cities to work from, according to the European Digital City Index. A stable business environment, a mature digital infrastructure and secured access to mentoring and managerial assistance are just some of the local community’s best assets which makes Budapest a hotspot for startups and digital nomads alike.

We’re all-time explorers of digital hubs here at Crossover, as we’re encouraging a completely remote style of working. In our quest of finding some great places to work from, we’ve found some hidden and also in plain sight gems in Budapest. And we’re sharing them with you:

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Impact Hub Budapest is the winner of the Coworking Office award in 2017. This is a community-driven workplace, open for networking, collaboration, and a perfect place for ideas to turn into businesses. They’re offering work desks and offices, and a variety of programs, workshops and events.


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Mozaik is a purpose-driven startup community with a close connection to the Budapest tech scene. They support Budapest-based entrepreneurs with a platform for learning, connecting and growing in the friendliest (as they like to call themselves) coworking space in town. And above this, once tired from work, tennis & football tables are free to use at any time.


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Located right in the heart of Budapest, Kaptar is well-known in the local remote workers’ community for its comfy work areas and productive work atmosphere. The perfect mix between the comfort of working from home and working from a coffee shop, Kaptar is a welcoming place where you can focus on your job and relax in the process. Plus, you can join community programs whenever you want.


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Loffice incorporates working, networking and relaxing, making it a place where anyone can find the best-suited space for their activity. They are pioneers in the coworking field, starting in 2009 and having now 4 offices, 3 in Budapest and one in Vienna. Loffice is open 24/7 and offers a wide range of services, from event organization to mentoring support. Also, this can be the perfect place for networking, as it has an indoor bar and a cocktail terrace.


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GreenSpaces is the eco-friendly alternative, providing a green and healthy coworking space in the center of Budapest. It’s a low-cost solution for office spaces, tailored for wide coworking needs. All the entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital or creative professionals or small startups about to breakthrough are welcome here, where they can work on their projects while everything else is taken care of by GreenSpaces.