In the past few years, remote companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs have become the center of the scene when it comes to changes in the way of work. One of these changes that I see more often is the need to work in flexible and collaborative environments which is not compatible in most cases with traditional corporations. In Buenos Aires, this change in the paradigm is very clear when you visit local co-workings and they are crowded with entrepreneurs, startups or freelancers that are looking for a different type of setting for their place of work. The demand is so high that many of the existing co-working are already expanding or at least thinking about it.

At a co-working, you can choose when to use it, access private or shared spaces as well as use it to grow your business (through networking which is a core function of the value quality co-working can provide) or even host events. Even more, for many freelancers and entrepreneurs, the sense of community that is created in a coworking is a great source of empowerment and inspiration.

As a Buenos Aires City Manager at Crossover, I was responsible for finding the best co-working spot for our local partners so I had the chance to visit almost all. If you are looking for the best ones, you might consider any of these: 


Global co-working network with presence in 62 cities and 309 locations. In Buenos Aires, you can find them downtown, in one of their biggest locations worldwide, in the 25 story tower Torre Bellini. As soon as you enter the building, you´ll notice the elegance of the place just from being in the lobby. They recently inaugurated a second location, at a building in the suburbs, in Vicente Lopez. They offer private office space, as well as “hot” or “personal desk” which are located in shared spaces. WeWork is chosen every day by professionals from a wide range of industries and disciplines such as lawyers, designers, IT professionals, architects as well as companies that rent a complete floor to run their business. Memberships include access to conference and meeting spaces, rooftop terrace, yoga and games rooms.


Has two locations in Palermo, one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. An area where you can find high-end restaurants and some of the best bars in town. Within their community, you´ll find many technology startups and entrepreneurs. They offer multiple membership plans such as private office space, dedicated desk or open plan seating if you are looking for a more flexible option. Amenities include a chill-out area, meeting rooms, and outdoor terrace. Also, if you are thinking about going on your bike, you´ll have a place for parking inside the building.

Urban Station


One of the first co-working space in Buenos Aires. They currently have 5 locations at several strategic points of the city (in Palermo and downtown) and you can also find them in Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Their main differentiator is their flexibility since they have a pay as you go system in the case you prefer not to commit to a monthly membership. On top of the regular services (meeting rooms, lockers, etc), they also offer bicycles to take out for a spin and take your mind out off work for a while.



Founded in 2013, it has grown substantially in the past few years due to the increasing demand of co-working spaces in the city. Nowadays they have 7 locations in Buenos Aires (Palermo, Belgrano, suburbs and downtown area) and 2 locations in other big cities of Argentina (Cordoba and Rosario). More than 120 companies are members of this network, ranging from 1 user per company to 90 users. Once you become a member, you have the possibility of working on any other branch of the county without extra cost, which is a great benefit if you need to travel within the country.

Looking forward to talking more about Buenos Aires co-working spots, feel free to contribute my post with your comments.