The changes in communication technology have made remote work easier and much better organized. It provides the companies with the opportunity to find their employees all over the world. At the same time, employees have more freedom and personal time without trading their productivity for it.

This has led to the creation of digital nomads that are able to travel the world and lead exciting personal lives without jeopardizing their careers and day-to-day tasks needed for work to operate smoothly.

App development

Mobile devices are taking over as the channel used for advertising. They are very well suited to this goal because of the ease of use and all the personal data they usually contain about the users. This also means that all the companies need someone to develop the apps that would transfer their online marketing to the mobile devices.

It’s an expanding market and one in which you can work from anywhere in the world and in your own time. However, it takes time and effort to train yourself in these skills. Luckily, there are a lot of online sources to help you out with it.


Most of the shopping these days happens online and that presents an opportunity for a small business owner. It’s possible to set up an e-commerce shop without almost any infrastructure, as long as you have the resources to fund online alternatives to the traditional retail infrastructure.

The key to establishing a lucrative e-commerce business is to find a niche market that’s small enough for you to dominate but still large enough to be able to generate income. This takes a lot of planning and careful market analysis.

Foreign currency trading

Online trading is a great additional source of income. The best option for a digital nomad is to try their hands at foreign currency trading. It’s different from trading in stocks because there’s much less risk involved, since foreign currencies don’t take a dive as unexpectedly as stocks tend to.

In order to make the most out of forex trading, you should try to learn about the economy of the countries whose currency you’re trading in. However, there are online resources and brokers that can help a novice find their way in this business.

Website QA

Finally, there is the option of getting some extra cash by testing websites online. Although it’s not much, sites, such as UserTesting and UserFeel, offer around $10 for about 20 minutes of your time. All you need to do is register and fill out a form, which is then used to match you with a website that is compatible with your demographics. Generally, site owners are interested in feedback regarding their site’s navigation, so you’ll have to download a screen recorder for them to monitor your movements on their website. You’ll also need a microphone to provide the said feedback in audio format and there’s nothing more to it really. The only real requirements here are that you’re fluent in English and that you have a keen eye for detail. You probably have all the rest, things like a stable internet connection, a browser, and a mic.

YouTube channels & Selling ads

Running a YouTube channel has become a career that’s more than suitable for paying the bills and even providing a nice livelihood. It’s hard to know what kind of channel will become popular and generate enough income to support you, but the only way to find out is to try and create an audience for yourself.

If you’re providing online content, there are ways to monetize that content by using it to sell ad space. This goes for all kinds of content and all kinds of channels of distribution, although not all of them are equally productive and equally lucrative.

The YouTube channels and podcasts are the best options for creating revenue this way because the market is already established, but has a lot of chance for growth. That means that you can start small and work within your niche and still make a living, but you can easily expand and find bigger patrons and advertisers to support your work.

Once you have an established audience, the traveling can actually help your business plans and make them more lucrative. Traveling vlogs can also attract a lot of viewers; all you need to do is to present your trip in an interesting and engaging way.

Freelance photographer

If you’ve got the knack for it, travel photography is one of the highest-paid types of photography to turn to (next to wedding photography, of course). People love seeing destinations they haven’t had the opportunity to see live or get a fresh take on those places they’d already been to. You can start your photography blog and charge downloads, use Instagram for promotion or find parties interested in purchasing your pics. If you are staying longer in a particular city/town/village, see if there are any weddings/baby showers/other celebrations happening and offer your services.

Online education

The internet is a great place to learn and gain new skills. If you’re a person that has these, as well as the ability to explain things in a clear and simple way, this can become a career. There are online platforms dedicated to online learning in particular, and there’s also always YouTube which can be used in a similar way but with an ad system of its own.

There are no limits as to which skills can be taught, but at this point the most sought-after lectures are about the IT industry and coding in particular.


There are a lot of ways of making money online that don’t affect your daily life at all. This approach to business allows you to travel and enjoy your freedom while sustaining a lucrative business.