During this 1st week of May, there is at least one day off work and in some countries even more days off. We see the popularity of working away from the office during such times. For example Poles, this week have discovered that with remote work, a short trip can be exchanged for a longer holiday. This year the May holiday days can give us up to 9 days off. Of course, it will not be all rest, because work must be done, but we can decide in what hours we will do our work, and all can be done in a comfortable chair overlooking a lake or mountain or even both but it will be a much more pleasant place to work than at a desk in an office in the center of town.

Remote work is being talked about more often – in the study “Remote work – I say YES!” Conducted by Crossover showed that over 80 percent working Poles would like to decide for themselves the time of their work, and more than half of the employed Poles would like to work remotely (57%). Every fourth working person admits that he/she could work remotely full time, and the rest say that Remote Work would be enough for a few days a week.

Research done in Poland on local websites and social media show that there are 40,000 mentions of the words #homeoffice and #remotework, this only confirms the desires of Polish employees and has become a pretext for a discussion on remote work in Poland. How many people are packing a computer for this year’s May holiday’s?

3 days of vacation time will give you 9 days of rest in Poland

This year’s May week is a huge temptation to get out of work – if people only take 3 days of vacation from their regular jobs, they gain as much as 9 days off, which allows you to go on a mini vacation at the beginning of the summer season. Many people will take this free and reliably rest, but some industries and companies do not allow complete offline transition for their employees (no flexibility), although there is often less work during the May period.


Baby steps

The solution offered by more and more employers is remote work, especially around holidays or long weekends. It is a small step towards a complete opening up to the idea of full remote work in Poland, which is being asked more frequently by employees, and which are still viewed by employers with a slight reserve. Having people work when others have time off lowers morale in general in such companies, but with the option of remote work, we can still enjoy traveling and the flexibility of our work hours for work that needs to be urgently done in a global company.

Remotely = more efficiency

Contrary to appearances, remote work gives us much more efficiency and less time wasted, among others for commuting to work – the report “Remote work – I say YES!” shows that every fifth working Pole (19%) loses on commuting to work more than an hour a day, and in traffic jams this time can be extended by up to two times. Therefore, during this may week, with a computer by our side of 3 days of work and no need to travel to the office, we can sacrifice ourselves for a few hours of work, keeping in mind we have all the other time to do what we want.078

Combining pleasure with work responsibility

Due to market analysis younger respondents versus the older are definitely more convinced in remote work. The Crossover study also shows that 76 percent of women are writing positively about remote work in comparison to the 24 percent of men. There may be several reasons for this – firstly, women publish photos more often in social channels and provide information, but also they more often stay with children at home, on the occasion of illness, or when nurseries, kindergartens, and schools are very often closed for such long May weekends.

Remote work allows you to combine business with pleasure. It is also a great solution for those who do not have enough holidays during the year given to them by their employers. Remote Workers can decide whether and when they want to work in the office from 9 to 17, or if they prefer to sunbathe on the beach during the day and surf the ocean, and then in the afternoon start working whilst watching the sunset by the computer.

“Remote work is the perfect solution for me. There are pluses and minuses because we have to complete 40 hours a week and it depends on us whether we will mobilize and do it in 5 or 3 days, whether we work during the day or at night. Such work requires a lot of s050elf-discipline, but the benefits of working remotely are immense. Last year I managed to travel across the USA, I was in Spain, Cyprus, London, Paris, and even in China, and during all this time I managed to be offline but none of my work suffered due to my remote work freedom.”

Per Markus Tornberg – Crossover Country General Manager