With each passing year, coworking spaces are growing in popularity across the globe, as the modern workforce is parting with the old ways of the corporate arena, and creating innovative methods of working such as becoming digital nomads, sharing office space, and even driving the entrepreneurial revolution. Among the new trends that are redefining the modern job market, coworking spaces have become a beloved solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and entire companies, allowing them to enjoy a dynamic work environment without shackling themselves to a traditional office setting.

With the notion of working in a shared office space becoming more popular and with coworking spaces popping up around the world, choosing the best option for your needs has become a kind of a chore. With that in mind, here are the five things you want to consider when choosing your new coworking space.

Where is it situated?

Location, location, location. This timeless “aphorism” has held true throughout history and stands today as one of the most important elements of any office space, especially a coworking one. Not only should the office be situated in a well-connected neighbourhood with plenty of amenities in the area for you (or your employees) to enjoy, but it should also stand tall in a prestigious neighbourhood as well.

Remember, this is not just a place where you’ll be coding all day long on your laptop or designing cool logos, this is also a place where potential clients and investors will be visiting you, a place where life-changing deals will be struck. So naturally, you want the place to catch the eye of your clients and make a notable first impression.

Consider the community

Another important element of a thriving coworking space is its community. This is a place where you will be interacting with strangers on a daily basis, making new friendships, creating lucrative opportunities, and networking your way to a deal of a lifetime. For this to happen, the space not only needs to host a diverse array of talents hailing from across the globe, but it should also provide privacy for when top productivity is needed.

Finding a place that has this balance can be quite a challenge, as oftentimes coworking spaces are either too noisy and hectic, or dull and deserted. Fortunately, you will often find the best options in the business district of cities no matter where you find yourself on the global map.

Is it a healthy space ideal for productivity?

Now comes the most important question you need to ask yourself: is this space conducive to productivity? Productivity is oftentimes an elusive concept that depends on a myriad of factors – some that you can influence, some that are out of your control. Since you’re not buying or leasing your own office you can outfit with modern amenities and tech gadgets, you need to pay close attention to the interior of a prospective coworking space.

First off, the space needs to provide comfort to its guests, and more importantly, it needs to support their long-term well-being with ergonomic furniture. After all, you can only sit for so long before your back starts aching, so having an electric adjustable desk is a definite plus and an amenity the space should not be without. Among other healthy details, you want to find excellent ventilation and air flow for maintaining focus and mental clarity, while the entire space should enjoy plenty of sunlight throughout the day in order to maintain energy levels.

Look for functionality and versatility

Needless to say, the space needs to be functional and versatile, able to answer all of your needs no matter if you’re looking for a quiet place to work where the noise of the shared office can’t reach you, or you’re in need of a conference room to close that life-changing deal. So be sure to observe the space with meticulous scrutiny, ticking the boxes as you go along.

Ideally, the office space will provide amenities for more than just work, and will boast a sizable kitchen area, a rec room or even a gym where you can unwind, a media centre, and even a dedicated “no work” zone where you can meet other people and enjoy a casual conversation. Be sure to put these in your checklist according to priority.

Work it into your budget

Finally, the coworking space you fell in love with should sit comfortably within your budget projection and current financial situation. Unless you’re a thriving start-up with money to spare, you might find it difficult to get into the most prestigious and well-equipped spaces in the city. Fortunately, there is an option for every scenario, so you don’t have to pay for a “second home” coworking space with a monthly fee reaching several thousand dollars, if you don’t feel like it. Just browse the neighbourhoods and you’re bound to find the ideal space without busting the proverbial bank.


Coworking spaces are popping up all over the world in support of a new, digital workforce that’s revolutionizing the business industry. With so many options to choose from, deciding on your ideal office can be a chore. With these five essential considerations in mind, though, you will have no problem finding a thriving work environment wherever you go.