Simply working hard is not the only ingredient that counts when you want to get a raise at your job. If you are unwilling to broaden your skill set and knowledge there is a good chance that your advancement in the company will stagnate. This is why it is important to consider all the available options and give your best to choose the ones that will put you on a fast track to a bigger salary. And this article has just the suggestions you need. So let’s start.

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Social media usage related courses

No, this is not about you posting the image of your cat every other day. This is about using social media to improve on your work efforts and having ideas that you could bring to your company’s marketing department. Social media is an integral part of our life and as we have seen so far it can literally make or break careers, even ones that are decades long, just look what happened to James Gunn a couple days ago. You are expected to be familiar with social media marketing and managing accounts, because in a way it has become part of our everyday life. Now you might think you know this, but attending a course on the topic might provide you with some new skills and knowledge about new tools you could use to improve your results. And the best thing about this is that it is something you can do remotely, as in not having the obligation to sit in an office the entire day.

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Business and management courses

Just because you know the ins and outs of your job does not mean you would make a good manager, and let’s be honest, managers rake in the better salaries, no question about it. This is why, if you are gunning for that raise you should consider following the example of successful Australian businesspeople and attending business courses in Sydney. These will prepare you for a variety of roles and help you get ahead in your company, which will in return help you expand your knowledge and boost your skill set inevitably leading to a bigger paycheck. Just remember to also focus on learning remote management skills, since in today’s business world a lot of business is outsourced and in most cases, you will be managing your teams remotely, which, again requires a specific set of skills.

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If you haven’t taken a course in statistics in college you might be regretting it today. This particular piece of knowledge can go a long way to getting you that coveted raise. This does sound a bit boring, we know, but it has so many applications in various branches of business industry that you will not regret taking the course. Your course should cover the basic principles of statistics and then go on to familiarize you with various statistical software you can use, these include MATLAB, SPSS, R, or Stata. You should also consider learning about data analysis as an integral part that will help you apply your statistical knowledge even better and get you that raise. Finally, don’t forget, this like the previous other courses can enable you to work remotely, and on several different projects if necessary, thus having a significant positive impact on your yearly income.


There are many more courses to consider, but these three are a shoe-in for getting a raise across most of the industries. And more importantly, all the knowledge can be applied in remote working conditions opening a lot of additional employment options in the future.