A low retention rate in a company is not always the only indicator of an unhappy crew. In fact, some of the earliest signs of low morale are easily overlooked as irrelevant to the issue that most employers tend to neglect them for too long. Some, for example, include frequent absenteeism, lower productivity, or few members taking any initiative on their projects. Suddenly, the simple issue of motivation becomes a much more complex one, rooted in many layers of human personality.

That is precisely why so many employers are starting to use more innovative ways to boost company morale and keep their employees happy. After all, happy employees translate into a successful brand, and a little happiness can go a long way to ensuring the latter!

Open a line of communication

This may be a greater challenge for larger companies, but it’s essential to always have someone in the role of a team leader, a supervisor, or a manager who can be available to your employees. No matter how experienced they are in their field of work, every employee wants to know how well they are adapting and if their performance is meeting your expectations. They also often want their own ideas to be heard, so enabling regular feedback is crucial to establishing trust.

However, when teams consist of people who might not be compatible, an individual employee will hesitate to share their thoughts in a group environment, especially a competitive one. So, if you want honest opinions, you should create a safe space for that two-way communication line to function. This is also an excellent choice if you need to offer some constructive criticism, which is much better received alone than in a crowded room.

Offer regular acknowledgment

Both in large and small companies, success is the result of various employees’ efforts combined into a single outcome. For instance, to land a new client, your graphic designer most likely delivered an impeccable visual presentation, while your sales team crafted the perfect pitch. No matter how many pieces of the puzzle there are, it’s important that even the smallest, least obvious ones get noticed on a regular basis for their contribution.

Celebrating your success as a team effort is one thing, but naming the people who have made it happen is a much better approach when it comes to building company morale. Sending out a company-wide email to recognize someone’s achievement is another great option, so don’t hold back the praise if they truly have made their role count.

Financial incentives

Raises, promotions, and bonuses are not the only way to use money as a source of motivation for your employees. In fact, the listed, most frequently used incentives are often impersonal, and they come with very little satisfaction, and more often a high level of responsibility, which actually increases stress rather than satisfaction. So, while they have their place in the motivation process, you can use money in other forms to boost your employees’ morale.

Give your incentives a personal touch by giving them a MasterCard gift card for them to treat themselves to something they will enjoy. This eliminates the guesswork from purchasing a present and helps you avoid the risk of making the wrong choice. You can even personalize the card with the right imagery and an attached message to acknowledge your employee’s efforts.

Allow them to grow

Many jobs come with a natural learning curve that allows your employees to continuously face new challenges and overcome setbacks. However, even this turns into a routine, and one of the most common reasons for people to leave their post is the sheer lack of space to outgrow their current position. On the other hand, if you do your best to set up lectures, visit conferences, bring relevant people from your industry to share their expertise, your employees will be far more inclined to stay.

Keep in mind that growth isn’t restricted to your company or your profession. Acknowledging this fact by encouraging your employees to pursue other interests, you’ll give them that famous balance in life, and enable them to keep developing as individuals. From free fitness memberships, all the way to tickets to various events and seminars not related to your business, there are many ways to keep your employees interested and eager to grow.

Include team building activities

If your office atmosphere is stressful and people hardly get a chance to get to know one another, they will have trouble developing strong bonds or healthy relationships. However, even the healthiest of company environments often have trouble inspiring their teams to bond over something that has little to do with their field of work.

This is where interesting team building sessions come into play, and letting your teams choose the activities is a great way to make sure they’ll actually enjoy them. Let their creativity lead the way, and their bonds will grow stronger over time.