Enviable Australian climate and Aussies’ love of the great outdoors make enhancing our outdoor living areas one of the top priorities for many homeowners across Australia. Whether we’ve moved to a new house or finally found time and money to renovate, each year there are some new highlighted gardening trends that emphasize the concept of providing pleasure to people in their gardens. Let’s see what the year 2018 has in for us.

image 3Revival of small gardens

With space being at premium, designers are working hard to make even the smallest patches of land useful and attractive. A trend not new at all, small gardening brings together some new features, such as a multipurpose concrete fire pit that acts as a bold focal point. However, it also stands as a curb edge to a deck. It collects water from downspouts on the house, only to take its primary role as a fire pit in the evening, multifunctional pieces like this one save space by lending itself to various purposes.

Alfresco dining revisited

Another trend of old that has seen its restoration, but with few changes as well. While in the past outdoor dining spaces used to be conveniently located just off the house, near the kitchen, today we see dining spaces being pushed further into the garden. Making the outdoor dining space an all-inclusive destination within the landscape detaches people from the house and immerses them into the ambience. Surround the dining room with in-ground and potted plants for lush feeling and bind the place together with special flooring, an outdoor rug and mood lighting.

Beach-inspired landscaping

Theme-inspired landscaping is getting increasingly popular around the world, and with beautiful beaches that line our east coats, it’s only normal to see beach-style landscaping embraced by Sidneyers living further inland. Working great in both your garden and the home entrance, this style is characterized by a path with the same-size stones bordering the sides. Other similar rows of stones are filled with agaves, grass, small shrubs and annuals of choice. If you are not sure how to achieve a desired theme, there are plenty of talented professionals for landscaping in Sydney, who are able to provide customised and individual gardens.

image 4 (1)Wildlife habitats

Ask gardeners and they’ll tell you that the populations of bees and butterflies are in decline. Their low numbers, however, also impacts birds, frogs, even tortoises. We’re turning their habitats into our expanding cities and sprawling suburbs, spaces we design for convenience and aesthetics. But it wold be fair to give something in return. There’s no reason why we can’t create convenient, beautiful landscapes that also meet the needs of our animal neighbours. Many of homeowners have started adjusting their plant choice or even redesigning their gardens to better support local wildlife. For example, you can grow more seed-producing and berry-bearing plants, and limit your use of insecticides.

Experimenting with edibles

Avid gardeners are always keen on trying new things. This year, it is unusual edibles that can add some botanical variety to your garden. Seed companies, seed swaps and community gardens are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and diversity to gardeners today. New and quirky cucamelons the size of a grape and tasting like cucumbers, burr gherkins and super-sweet ground cherries are only the tip of a botanic iceberg of unusual edibles you can plant. Bee-friendly flowers, on the other hand, will motivate pollinators to visit your food crops and increase your yield.

image 2

Whether you’re in for growing new foods, providing a refuge for wildlife or creating a relaxing place to share a meal with your loved ones, this year is full of inspiring new trends that make landscaping interesting to both seasoned green thumbs and first-time gardeners.