There are a lot of small ways to improve your driving experience even if you already have your dream car. The latest car gadgets were things of science fiction just a few years ago and they are now easy to find and not that expensive to purchase.

Some of these devices are there just to make your ride a bit more comfortable and provide you with some data that will help maintain it better. Others, however, do much more than that and they can be an investment in your safety.

Ztylus StingerZtylus Stinger

Everyone gets into their car hoping that they will never experience a serious accident. However, it’s best to prepare as if the accident was always just around the corner. One of the most dangerous positions to be in after an accident is not being able to break the glass and leave your vehicle.

Ztylus Stringer is a small handheld device that’s used to easily and safely break glass in the case of emergency. It can also come with a small blade that will let you cut your seatbelt and get to safety.

A dash camera

A dash camera is one of those devices that can save you quite a lot of money and protect you from legal trouble, however, many don’t bother to get one. It can take a good-quality video of an accident or theft. At this point, these videos can be stored in a cloud and accessed even when the car is gone.

It’s also a good idea to find out how legal authorities and insurance agencies treat the footage from these cameras, because that can vary drastically depending on the institution and the country in question.

Hoses and fittings

It’s a good idea to keep a few spare parts with you even when your car is brand new and you’re not driving long distances. Small parts such as hoses and fittings can be neatly packed and stay with you for years, so you can use them only when something goes wrong.

Army/Navy or AN fittings were originally created for military purposes but now they are used to transmit car fluids, specifically when the hoses are flexible and the tubing is made out of metal. Keeping a few of them in a box can help you out when you need it the most.

Tire pressure monitor systemTire pressure monitor system

Tire pressure isn’t just about having a smooth ride. It helps with that as well, but one of the most important reasons to have a steady tire pressure is to prevent the tires from wearing down fast. Keeping track of the pressure manually is a chore and not that precise.

There are gadgets that can help you do that without having to stop or lose too much time. The gadget uses Bluetooth to send the data about your tires directly to your phone or dashboard and alert you in case something is wrong.

Bottle jack

A bottle jack is a lifting device that’s used to lift up heavy loads with great force. They usually come in handy when you need to replace a tire or fix a wheel, but they could also be essential when you have an accident.

The main thing to consider when purchasing such a device is to figure out how heavy your car is. You should also have in mind that a car is never empty and that all the stuff you’ve packed can significantly increase the weight that you need to lift.

These devices will keep you safer and make your drive more comfortable. You don’t need to purchase them all at once, it’s fine to make a list and buy them one by one.