A great business relies on teamwork and cooperation to work. It’s twice as important when you start off small and work your way from a shared workspace to a typical office. You will have to rely on technology and innovation to quickly streamline the business process to reach your revenue goals and improve your bottom line. And to help you out, here is the essential tech you will need to do it.

A Wi-Fi Extender

What’s the most important piece of tech in a coworking environment (or any other modern office for that matter? The Internet connection, more specifically the Wi-Fi router. It needs to function at maximum capacity at every corner of the office, but without a Wi-Fi extender, it would be virtually impossible to achieve that level of coverage. So, you’ll need this gadget too.

Some of the best Wi-Fi extenders can provide a strong, fast and stable connection across the entire floor of the coworking space. This means a smoother working experience for everyone involved. Still, consider getting one for under $100, if that doesn’t work out you should invest in a new router too.

Professional coworking space should have a couple of pocket Wi-Fi devices to provide to users if needed.

A Pro Series Printer

OKI Pro Series printers are digital LED printers designed around the innovative 5-color system, which is either white or clear gloss. This gives it a greater scope when color printing, but remains reliable when you have to print out simple black and white documents.

The white spot toner in combination with the printer is the ideal coworking space machine, especially for graphic designers who want to see their creation on actual paper before they send it out to clients.


When choosing a coworking space, your workstation needs to be functional and versatile, and that’s where a USB hub comes in. It’s difficult to rely on tech for work without getting the cords tangled in one big knot. The USB hub helps with that, since it connects ten different cables into one device (supports all USB plug-ins), decluttering the workspace in and around your desk.

A Charging Station

Phone charger

With so many mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, the number of chargers can quickly increase and overwhelm your work area. A bamboo wood charging station is an elegantly designed and fully functional solution to power up the batteries on any mobile device.

It can accommodate up to 9 tablets and three smartphones at the same time, with a USB port ready for each one. But, what really sets this gadget apart is the design which is stylish, minimalistic and eye-catching, yet extremely functional. And it makes your space clutter-free, which is always a good thing.

A More Practical iPhone Charger

Another great piece of kit to have around a coworking space is a Blockhead. This gadget essentially allows you to turn the charger of your iPhone sideways to fit awkwardly placed power outlets. Although it serves just one user, in combination with a charging station it can be very useful to maximize the utility of every outlet in the office.

A Screen Extender

In most coworking spaces, people rely much more on their laptops than stationary desktops to do their work. But with most laptop models having a 14 to 15-inch screens, it’s hard to fit every browser tab and software window on to that limited area. A mounting clip allows you to attach your tablet to the screen of your laptop for that additional 5-8 inches of space that can make all the difference when you need to multitask multiple projects all at once.

A Smart Chair

Sitting has been dubbed the new smoking in the modern age. And while the disadvantages to health might not be so severe, sitting for long periods of time has been known to cause major back issues. That’s why you should consider investing in a quality smart-chair.

A company has remastered the iconic Herman Miller office chair to create a model fit for the needs of the Digital Age man. Every inch of the chair has been improved with the latest materials and tech fittings to adapt to any preference regarding sitting positions, posture or body type. And since you will be spending at least eight hours a day working from your chair, it’s one investment your back will be grateful for.

A Smart Desk

Another functional piece of furniture that can reduce health risks is a standing desk. One of the most cost-efficient models currently on the market is the Autonomous Desk, which will set you back just $299. It has a reinforced steel frame and natural wood or bamboo tops and is able to increase the height of your desk as much as 42 inches. This allows you to alternate between sitting and standing during your office hours, which allows for greater movement and mobility, with reduced body pressure.