It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your future and making plans for old age. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be looking at retirement homes in your twenties, but having even a rough outline of a plan will help focus on the important things in life. If you’re currently in a situation where you’re looking for the best retirement places in Australia, whether for you or your aging parents, we’re here to help.

Huon Valley, TasmaniaHuon Valley, Tasmania

Even though we’ll be focusing on Australia, one can’t simply overlook Tasmania and all its wonders. The climate is a bit cooler than in the Land Down Under, but for some, this is a benefit. On the other hand, open spaces and breathtakingly beautiful nature compensate for the cooler climate easily. Huon Valley attracts people who like the sun but not the scorching heat, and the fact that the locals are very friendly only adds to the charm. The cost of living is relatively low, especially if you used to live in a big city, housing is very affordable, and it’s very easy to get about. Port Huon and Huonville are especially popular retirement areas since they offer peace and quiet which the elderly prefer.

Vaucluse, New South Wales

New South Wales is all about Sydney but, fortunately for the people who are looking for a bit more peaceful place to retire, there are several small, safe havens to choose from. Tweed Heads has access to white, sandy beaches, and Huter Valley is all about vineyards, but Vaucluse is a place for people who want a bit of luxury in their life. Because the property value has exponentially increased over the past few years, retirement homes like Mark Moran Vaucluse offer a unique, luxurious experience to its residents. Whether you want an ocean, harbor, or skyline view, you can find it here, and because it is so close to the city, you’ll feel like you’re still a part of the Sydney life, but without all the fuss.

Echuca, Victoria

People who are in love with rivers and fishing will love twin cities of Echuca and Moama and their friendly ways. Echuca is the closest settlement to Melbourne on the Murray River, but it’s incredibly affordable and friendly. The name of the place roughly translates to “the meeting of waters” and everyone enjoys long walks by the river as well as the sounds of water at dusk. Even if it’s close to Melbourne, the prices are far lower here, which is one of the reasons the place is so popular. Eating out is very affordable, and what even more important is the proximity and availability of great health facilities.

Geraldton, Western AustraliaGeraldton, Western Australia

Let’s face it – many people daydream about moving to sunnier places when they retire because they love the sun and the warmth. Geraldton has it all – a number of sunny days and clear turquoise waters only five hours from Perth. The area is famous for its rock lobster fishing and many elderly who move here enjoy the perks of a quiet life. The community offers a number of activities for people over 60, including ballroom dancing, computer lessons, and art classes.

Some people want to spend their retirement around their family and other people they love, others want to learn, while there are also those who choose to travel and explore the world. Whatever you choose to do in retirement, having a place go back to and call home is extremely important, and even more so is to feel good there. Take your time when choosing the place for retirement, because it will have a great impact on your life.