Moving can be a highly stressful process for both you and your little ones. This is especially true if they’re still not old enough to understand why you need to leave your old home in Sydney and move into a new city, neighbourhood or even a different country. Therefore, it’s necessary that you take certain actions that’ll prepare your children for this ground-breaking event in their lives and make the moving process a lot easier on the entire family.

Talk to themTalk to them

First thing you must do is prepare your kids for this tough process, and the best way to do it is to talk to them. Explain all the reasons that made you decide to move from Sydney to another city, and don’t hesitate to answer any of the possible questions your little ones might have. Warn them about all the potential challenges that might occur during the process of relocation as well. Communication is the key, so make sure you let them know they can come to you at any given moment, whether it’s because they’re sad or maybe angry because they need to leave their friends and the old school.

Maintain some of your old routines

It’s important that you stick to your old routines even when you move into your new home. Family meals, game nights and regular sleeping schedule can contribute to making the moving process a lot easier for the kids. This is especially true when it comes to babies, since sleeping in the new crib and the new room can lead to fitful nights. This is why you should think about using the crib sheets your baby used to sleep in at the old home to make your baby sleep tight every night.

Let them help you pack

If the kids are old enough, let them help you with packing, and even have them pack all of their personal belongings. Kids can sort their toys and even help you wrap certain items while they’re still little, so let them be involved in the moving process as much as possible to make the transition easier on them. Don’t hesitate to call removalists in Eastern Suburbs area for any type of moving services, and even if you don’t have the time to pack, they’ll do it for you. Whether you’re too busy with taking care of the kids, or your working schedule is too tight, removalists will make sure you leave your Sydney home fully packed and they’ll transport all of your furniture safely to a new location.

Meet the new neighboursMeet the new neighbours

Your kids will need new friends to play and socialize with in the new neighbourhood, so make sure you let them meet the new neighbours. Different groups of children will offer your kid various opportunities to have fun and make new friends, so feel free to encourage them to spend some time with other boys and girls on the block. You should do the same with other moms and dads, as you’ll need some time to adjust and get to know the new living area.

Collaborate with the new school

If your child needs to start going to a new school, they’ll need an adjustment period to get to know the new peers and find their way around the new school. Therefore, make sure you’re in contact with the teachers and administrators, and let them know all about the hard time your kid has been through during the move, so that they can be aware of the problem. It’s important that you go to school from time to time and speak to the teachers and check if your kid managed to adapt to the new surroundings, because the kids won’t always feel comfortable talking to you about their hard time at school.

Collaborate with the new school

Moving to a new city can be challenging, but if you as a family communicate and try to make it easier for everyone to cope with, you won’t even notice that you’re now in a new home and another city. Therefore, as long as you prepare your kids for the move, let them participate in the moving process and monitor their adjustment to the new environment, you’ll have a stress-free move.