Buying a family car is an exciting process. Not only will you soon be driving a new car, but you’ll also make the whole family feel much safer and more comfortable while driving. However, the task of choosing the right vehicle, which would suit everyone, is far from easy. There are so many things to keep in mind and making just one mistake can ruin the whole experience.

Still, you need to keep a positive outlook. After all, there are now more cars to choose from than ever, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice. The safety features and other performance indicators have been constantly improving, so chances are you’ll be able to find what you need. Still, what is it that you have to pay special attention to?

Room for everyoneRoom for everyone

The most important thing is to find a car that is big enough for all the members of your family. Also, if you have to drive other people often, make sure you opt for a car that is big enough to accommodate all of them. Think about the bags, luggage and other things that you often have to carry and buy a car that has enough room for everything and everyone.

There are also cars that feature third-row seating, but you can remove the seats in case you need extra space in the trunk. They are definitely something worth considering. What is also important to take into account is your plan when it comes to the number of people in your family. If you’re planning a baby soon, it would be unwise to buy a car that you’ll have to replace for a bigger one once the baby arrives.

Safety first

Needless to say, safety needs to be your top priority when choosing a car that your family will spend countless hours in. You may be the most cautious and careful driver, but accidents happen to everyone, which is why car safety features are of utmost importance. Luckily, they have been improving constantly over the years.

Find a car with side airbags and child-lock seats. Self-parking features are another handy option, since they reduce the risk of accidents and so do auto-pilot and driver monitoring software, though they may add quite a bit to the price. Finally, the size of the car is the important safety feature. The bigger the car, the more likely is that the passengers won’t be injured in a crash.

Where to look for?

Depending on your budget and the decision whether to buy a new or a used car, your options will include visits to car dealers, browsing through hundreds or even thousands of online ads or finding a friend who wants to sell their car at a good price.

When I replaced my old car, I decided to sell my car online though Carbiz, which saved me a lot of time and hassle. The price I got was realistic and I was able to quickly find a new one that I am still very happy with.


You want your car to be equipped with all the features that are important to you. These may include anything from armrests, extra cup holders to reversible back seats, but you need to know what they are. Since every family has different needs, it’s impossible to give a universally correct tip.

For example, you may need automatic doors or rear cameras, but other people will find these features redundant. The only thing that most families have in common is the need to provide entertainment to kids sitting in the back, so try to get a car with such a feature. In a nutshell, make sure you know which features are a must and which are just a welcome bonus.

Whatever your choice is, you’ll soon find out whether the car meets all your requirements. If you follow these tips, you’ll be much more likely not to regret your decision. So, think carefully, and be patient and shrewd with your investment. If you get it right, your family will be able to enjoy many safe drives and memories created.