For some people music is must whether, they are going to bed or even, surprisingly, studying. Music while driving is nothing new. In fact listening to music enhances the driving experience. And if you are a real music freak then you will truly know how expensive amplifiers are. 

Amplifiers breathe life into music. With progression in the industry, there are hundreds of amps available in the market. Whether you are choosing an amp for your guitar, headphone or any other device, you can get your hands on it easily. There are some amps available online as well. Reading out reviews and feedbacks will help you through the process of purchase. However, if you are facing difficulties in choosing the best amp, you can first try any used Amp from any used auto parts supplier near you.

The question remains why to add an amplifier in your car? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better sound quality: installation of an amplifier can enhance the quality of the sound. A clean power source will deliver clearer and cleaner volume augmenting your music experience. 

  • More power for speakers: imagine having installed upgraded speakers in your car but still the quality remains poor. Your speakers might require more power to perform at its finest. Adding an amplifier may resolve such issue. 

  • Powers subwoofer: subwoofers also require more power. A separate amp is mandatory in such case.

As mentioned above, for music lovers amp is a must. Keeping in mind the benefits of installing an amplifier, one must further consider important factors before choosing or upgrading the amplifier. Following are few things to look at before its installation:

1. Channels

Amplifiers come with different configurations, and the right number of the channel will depend on the number of speakers you have in your sound system. Only one channel is required for each speaker. Adding a subwoofer will also require only single channel amplifier. However, if you have two subwoofers, you will need dual channel amps. If you want rear fill sound in your car, go for 4-channel amp.

2. Power


Power is an important factor to consider before conducting your purchase. If you want your car stereo to perform phenomenally then never underpower your speakers. Choose speakers first then accordingly go for the amplifier. You will find RMS power rating amongst the published specifications. Range will usually be given where the highest number would represent the power at which speaker will play at its best. Find out the RMS ratings and choose the power accordingly. In a case where your amp cannot match the needs of the subwoofer’s power, go for the separate mono amplifier which will get the job done right away.

3. System compatibility

Make sure the head unit and amplifier is compatible. If you are building your car stereo system from the scratch then simply just buy head unit with preamp outputs and amplifier with line level inputs. Once your amp gets the signal, you will get the clearest sounds. If your head unit doesn’t have a preamp output, then you will have to look for an amp with speaker level inputs.