More and more people are thinking about joining the online workforce and doing a freelance job for a living.

Even though they are quite aware of all the downsides of such a career choice, a recurring cash flow issue possibly being the most painful one, benefits and opportunities it provides are hard to find elsewhere.

Research shows that 51% of freelancers highly value their newly gained freedom from time and place constraints, as they wouldn’t go back to traditional work and the lifestyle attached, no matter how much money they were offered.

If you are turning towards a freelancing career, the first step for you to take is to recognize your own talents and skills and offer on the online market. Here are some of the best paid and the most popular online jobs for you to consider.

Web developer and designer

Although developing a complex website takes a set of professional skills, most clients are not that demanding when it comes to their expectations and requirements.

As a matter of fact, many of them are ready to offer a chance to hard-working rookies who know the basics and are ready to hone their skills.

Companies understand that having an online website is not a matter of choice anymore, but a necessity. Most often, their demands are that a website is well-designed and fully functional, and they are ready to pay a decent price for it.

What they are not quite aware of, not to mention that some of them aren’t even interested in, is that almost the same result may be achieved using WordPress, easy-to-use software which almost anyone willing can learn. Some basic knowledge of languages such as HTML or CSS can also come in handy.

This means a low entry barrier for those who want to try out their chances in this area of online business.

Digital marketing

Statistics show that digital marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing while producing three times more leads. As more and more companies are becoming aware of its crucial importance in reaching a larger, well-targeted audience, the world of digital marketing is in bloom.

There are some areas you need to grasp in order to become a professional, and they include a working knowledge of SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and similar disciplines.

While sometimes these types of jobs may include repetitive use of various tracking and automation tools, there can also be a lot of creativity involved in creating and strengthening a brand you want to promote.

There are many entry-level freelance digital marketing platforms and sites, where those who are just starting out can check what companies are looking for, and land their first gigs.


If you ever thought about writing as a job, the online market is definitely a place to start.

Demand for all sorts of written content is high, so you can check out your skills in different areas and find the form which suits you the best.

Copywriting, SEO content writing, blogs, and technical writing are just some of the jobs which fall into this category, each having their own job description and requirements.

Although writing different types of content for various clients may seem like a job which basically anyone can do, practice proves otherwise.

However, there’s a common misconception that it’s enough to be proficient in English if you want to work as a writer. This position also requires excellent writing skills, as well as a compelling writing tone.

Certain personal characteristics are important too, such as being able to work under pressure of tight deadlines, or being persistent enough to research a topic you have almost no knowledge of so thoroughly that you can explain it to someone else.  

Salaries in this area vary, but as in every field, practice makes perfect – highest earners in this job are those who made it their profession and have been writing for five years or more.


This is an excellent job choice for those who are proficient in other languages because, as with the uprise of the internet, borders have become even more flexible.

There is a great need for large amounts of audio and text material to be adequately translated into foreign languages, and mastering this skill can turn out to be pretty valuable, in terms of money.

You can further advance your knowledge and specialize in a particular field such as construction, medicine, or the law.


There is no easy barrier entry for this job because it requires good knowledge of certain programming languages, such as C++, Python, Java or Kotlin, and it takes time and effort to master them.

Still, demand for this type of work is very high, especially when combined with knowledge of SQL, or machine learning.  Given that in this area salaries are usually more than satisfying, putting in the effort to expand your knowledge will be worthwhile.

No matter whether you are transitioning into freelancing from traditional employment, or you are making your first attempts to work for a living, getting started is the hardest part. Just like in any other work, it takes time and a lot of hard work to improve your skills and become a professional, but staying in the business and adapting your skills to the demands of the market is the key to success.