Melbourne is one of the most creative and culturally richest cities in Australia, right after Sydney. Some people say that Melbourne offers a completely unique feel compared to the rest of the world’s big cities. Therefore, Melbourne should be a definite stop on your travels. What’s more, if you’re interested in visiting great bars there, you’ll be faced with numerous choices. Therefore, to make things a bit easier for you, take a look at the following bars since these are the best of the best that Melbourne has to offer.

Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bar

Climbing the stairs in order to reach Rooftop Bar will be well worth it. The view is incredible and the drink choices are vast. Great thing about this bar is the fact that it’s open during all seasons. Colder weather is properly dealt with. In summer months, there are a lot of interesting movie screenings, so you need to book a ticket for this in advance. Still, going through that extra trouble will surely prove to be very rewarding.


This is a bar that has it all. It’s a perfect stop for people who just want to enjoy craft beer as well as those who wish to elegantly dine while enjoying their romance. There’s also a dinner hall for people who simply want to try their delicious menu. With the possibility to dance your night away as well, Cookie is undoubtedly a perfect start of your night, romance or a tourist visit.


Another bar that’s located on a rooftop, Siglo, is a great place to go for a late night drink and a tasty meal. Cocktails and wines are a must try when you enjoy the panoramic view. Also, don’t forget to try some of their famous desserts.

Madame Brussels

This rooftop bar in Melbourne, named after 19th century brothel owner, is basically a stuff of fairy tales. Once you step into this wonderful garden, the atmosphere and décor will completely mesmerize you. Not to mention the delicately served cocktails and cupcakes. Moreover, private bookings are available so that you can enjoy this paradise on your own terms.

Madame Brussels

Gin Palace

A place with tradition is undoubtedly Gin Palace. Here, you’ll find numerous drinks on the menu, all based around gin of course. Gin Martini that was the bar’s signature drink when it first opened is still available. There are of course some tasty treats to go with your beverage. Moreover, you can apply for martini making lessons and become expert yourself.

Little Red Pocket

A hidden gem cocktail bar in Melbourne, Little Red Pocket will amaze you with its versatility and never-ending sources of fun. From intimate atmosphere on weekdays to DJ and live music fiestas on weekends, this bar is a great way to experience different types of entertainment. Also, the choice of drinks is absolutely amazing, Japanese sake included.

The Croft Institute

If you’re up for some quirky and unexpected bar-related experiences, The Croft Institute is definitely a place for you. It resembles a laboratory where you can mix and experiment with your spirits and cocktail shots. Also, live music and DJ often perform so that you can easily dance off your alcoholic experiment in a big dancing hall.

Have you already been to Melbourne and visited some of their unique bars? If so, what are your recommendations? If you’re local, do you know some other hidden gems that would amaze the tourists? In any case, you won’t go wrong by seeking great and lively nightlife in Melbourne. Of course, apart from hectic parties there are countless options for relaxed lounging around, so make sure to keep your expectations high because they will be met.