It’s very hard to deny that smart devices and AI have become an integral part of our lives. Really, one would be very hard pressed to find any kind of activity that’s not covered by a smartphone app. The impact these devices are making on our lives, however, is nothing compared to the influence they have in shaping the hearts and minds of kids who never knew the app-less world. That is why it’s very important to show them that smartphones can be used for things beyond distraction. Here are some of the best educational apps that will help you to do so.

Alpha Writer

Alpha Writer

As innovative as it’s gorgeous to look at, Alpha Writer is the perfect tool for teaching your kids to read, write and spell phonetically. Teaching children the basics of English language through four distinct games (one of which is very addictive Storyboard feature), Alpha Writer marries the best of both worlds and provides knowledge sprinkled with a lot of fun.


Once your kids have mastered the secrets of English language it is time for them to explore some new possibilities. Duolingo is the ideal app to help them on this quest. Treating its users like children that are learning the language by associating images with words, Duolingo is very user-friendly and easy to grasp, so it should not pose too much of a problem even for the youngest kids.

Dragonbox series

Dragonbox series

We cheated you a bit here because we are technically not talking about an app, but more of a series of apps, but Dragonbox series does such a great job  at making something as abstract and often boring as algebra and geometry fun and engaging that it just had to be mentioned. Wrapped up in a cute graphical environment this series of mini-games is the best possible gateway to the world of math you could ever wish for your kids.


Featuring more than 300 photos of different species (safari animals, wild animals, farm animals, forest animals and water animals), Zoola has everything in store for your kids to get themselves familiar with the beautiful animal world. Add into the mix great language support (English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese and Korean) and you will get one really nice package.


Are your kids interested in space? If the answer is Yes install them this app and all they’ll have to do to get the info on some moon, star or even the man-made satellite is to point their smartphone in the right direction. Featuring detailed 3D graphics and search-by-name function this app is ought to put few smiles even on the curious parents’ faces.

Musical Me!

Musical Me!

This app will teach your kids everything they need to know about instruments, notes, rhythm and pitch, but the list of things we can find in this package goes way beyond sheer theory. The kids will also be able to listen to notes, copy patterns, and touch animated birds to play notes which make it very useful for child care centers and other places where kids have an opportunity to create music together.


Finally, it should be mentioned that all these apps and all the other things that do something are made by someone who can code. If you want your kids to get started on studying for one of the most promising jobs of today, and one day become programmers themselves, Scratch is the best spring board for their future career. Made in a language designed for the 8-16 year old kids, Scratch is fully equipped to help your kids make their first programming steps.

Today’s kids will inevitably spend a lot of time with their smartphones. It’s our job to show them that these powerful tools should not be used only for fun but for learning and productivity as well. With these few apps, that job has never been easier.