If your office is getting too small for your growing business, or if you want to be closer to your clients, you can start thinking about relocation. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, the move will take a lot of time, effort and adjustment from you and your employees. If you carefully consider and plan all the changes you’ll need to make and decide it’s worth it, then relocation can be the best step you could possibly take. Here’s what you should consider.

Some people will need to go

Some people will need to go

You have to be prepared for the fact that not all of your employees will want or be able to move and you will probably lose some of your team members. If your company can’t offer relocation bonuses, some of your workers will leave you. If that happens, you will need to find and train new people, which may not only be tiring and time-consuming, but also costly.

Prepare to work on two fronts

The best thing you can do while relocating is to keep both locations up and running for at least a month. It’ll take some time for all your clients to get used to your new location and update your address, so better keep both locations active until everything settles down. If you decide not to do that, prepare for stress and frustration.

Consider the costs

The planned expenses of the move will probably end up being higher in the end. The whole process will cost you a lot of money and patience, but if you play your cards right, it’ll all pay off in the end. Don’t forget to be prepared for some extra expenses during that period, the last thing you want is for unexpected expenses to drain your funds.

Inform your customers

Inform your customers

One of the most important things is to inform your clients of the relocation. During that time, your business might be on hold for a couple of days, so your customers should know what’s going on. The best solution is to send emails to everyone on your mailing list, inform your social network followers and publish the news on your blog. Despite all your efforts, you can expect some clients to be annoyed.

The costs of operation will change

There will probably be some disadvantages concerning costs in your new location. If you moved states, you’ll need to get used to some tax changes. For instance, different states in Australia have different tax laws, so you need to prepare in advance. Your customers may also need to pay some purchase taxes or other extra costs, so some of them will not be happy.

Making the move

Actual move is another obstacle you must overcome. You’ll need to decide which furniture, equipment, fixtures and records to relocate, what to sell and what to leave behind. Sometimes it’s better to dispose of some cheap inventory than to drag it to your new location and pay for transport. No matter how big your business is, your workers shouldn’t be doing the hauling, so you will need to hire professionals. The best thing is to contact some of the expert removalists in Brisbane who will make sure your relocation goes smoothly. You can also put someone from your team in charge of the process, and they will handle all relocation-related issues.

Your workplace dynamics will change

Each country, state, city or area has its own unique dynamics you’ll need to get used to. People will have different motivations, habits, accents or ways of life, and it’ll take some time to adjust.

Now that you know just what you need to consider when relocating your business, things should go smoothly. You’ll need some time to bounce back and get used to new routines, but if your business and your quality of life improve, all your effort will be worth it.